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4/2/2020 c9 Neroquin
I don't think we have the same definition of 'a few weeks'. I don't like when people promise but then don't actually do it. Don't promise things you won't do.
Other than that, nice story! I really enjoyed reading. I'm going to check your account for other stories.
11/18/2019 c9 anbu31uchiha
6/23/2019 c9 1txenpai
Good story, and thank GOD for no pairings. I always feel like pairings (unless they're canon) sometimes ruin the plot.
Please update!
3/1/2019 c4 Guest
It’s nice chapter!
Please pair Erza with Tobirama! They will make a nice couple! Yeah late, Erza will fall in love with Tobirama and she will go with him to Konoha and make some cute children!
12/26/2018 c9 Squidgod812
great story
1/16/2018 c9 Guest
A few weeks. Right.
Love the plot! Please continue! Thx
6/30/2017 c4 1trex0428
Well their fucking rude for ignoring tobirama like that and why does jellal act like that i mean does he even realise that hes getting punch by tobirama and not natsu and they didnt give tobirama enough even in the narutoverse he created a lot of jutsu and doesnt get praise like hashirama
6/30/2017 c3 trex0428
Lol tobirama just watches like his watching a movie
6/30/2017 c2 trex0428
Now tobirama nows how it feels to be the one being boss around instead him bossing them
3/2/2016 c9 2angelvan105
Thank you for telling me! Have fun of your other written work! I wishes you best of luck!
3/1/2016 c9 SoNNeikO
3/1/2016 c3 22On Soaring Wings
You need to work on your pacing. Events seem to move so fast I'm getting mental whiplash.
2/27/2016 c8 2angelvan105
What another great updated chapter! It was always great to see Tobirama involved in every action as possible! Way to go! Thank you!
2/23/2016 c1 1EVA-Saiyajin
Very simplistic writing, no build up at all, no real emotion or drama.

I'd recommend starting over.
2/22/2016 c7 6madaraaaaaaa
Just want to tell everyone, the next chapter should be out on Wednesday in case your wondering.
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