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9/14/2018 c9 141Invader Johnny
Indeed, Freddie made quite a powerful impact on Sam's life and one she's very happy about on a personal level.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
8/17/2015 c8 174Nature9000
What to say here? I enjoyed it. The story is good for someone starting out. It could use some improvement. This chapter was good, although I felt it was hard to connect with the characters on an emotional level. I couldn't feel them, so I couldn't sympathize. Like I've said before, you have a great start, so stick with it, learn and grow, and improve
8/17/2015 c7 Nature9000
I do read the author notes, and a tip, if you don't feel confident with a chapter, don't put it up until you've proofread and feel comfortable with it.

Now I have to look back because I feel I've missed the part about a funeral. Pete is mentioned but there should be more buildup I feel.

Still you're doing a great job
8/17/2015 c6 Nature9000
Well that was startling. It seemed almost random though, we hadn't been introduced to that man just yet.

If I'm honest, I think this story needs a lot of work, but I don't want to discourage you in any way! It's a great story so far, and you've got a great deal of potential. You've caught my interest, and that is hard to do. On to the next chapter
8/17/2015 c5 Nature9000
Hmm Carly doesn't seem a huge factor just yet as your summary implies. This was a good chapter, keep it up
8/17/2015 c4 Nature9000
Okay, a bit sudden, but expected. You still have some errors here and there, but you have a good setup going on. I didn't think she'd kiss him at the end
8/17/2015 c3 Nature9000
Okay good seeing Freddie's thoughts on the matter. It feels a little lacking though. Looking forward to the next chapter
8/17/2015 c2 Nature9000
A tad short, but still a good chapter. Similar to the meeting in BSC...you might read that story just in case...anyway I like this so far. It's great to see new writers stepping in. Keep going
8/17/2015 c1 Nature9000
Hmm, it looks very good. I wrote a story with this same concept way back in 2008, "before she came", but it's a common plot piece so don't worry, I'm just saying. Though if someone does ask-which I doubt-you may want to correct them.

I saw a few things that you could work to correct, but you're a new writer and I will not critique new authors unless asked. I'm curious to see where this goes, so keep up the good work
7/15/2015 c8 meanlaudit
OH GOD! THAT WAS A CLIFF HANGER. But anyways, I just started reading your fic and Omy Holy Pickles, It's absolutely AMAZING! I would really appreciate if you can update as soon as you can. Have a good day.
7/2/2015 c1 Guest
6/27/2015 c8 141Invader Johnny
About time Sam felt like being loved.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
6/15/2015 c7 Invader Johnny
Indeed, Sam shouldn't have to change herself.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
5/30/2015 c6 Invader Johnny
One word... Ouch.

Sam really has no one to blame this time.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
5/19/2015 c5 Invader Johnny
Well, gotta give Freddie points for determination in getting Sam back.

Invader Johnny Signing Off,
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