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for The Fight

1/4 c1 reisova
Too short
5/21/2020 c1 Clare
A fab fic! I love me a jealous Captain ;) Glad him and Maria finally put their stubbornness to one side though and made up thanks to the children.
10/22/2018 c1 4TheFastFox
I can picture the play in my head!
3/17/2017 c1 73UndoubtedlyTheWine
They Children were super cute, playing M and G's love story. Cute idea really. Well, M and G certainy should have shown a little maturity but sometimes it does happen. People can be very stubborn. Liked this OS :)
12/19/2016 c1 7twlightbella
Sweet moment
3/10/2016 c1 Genovian Lass
Cute, angsty fanfic! Good job of writing!
2/13/2016 c1 Leonie
Very cute story with George being the one to give in first. Do keep writing.
5/12/2015 c1 58gothicbutterfly95
Great job Nicole. They are so awesome together, even when they're fighting. And of course the children helped fix it
5/12/2015 c1 BrittanyLS
I love everything worked to between them!
5/12/2015 c1 34lemacd
this was an interesting story, having them argue over jealousy. it could happen, i suppose, both have reasons to be a bit vulnerable at times. i thought the part of coming up with names for the play was super cute. i'm sure they would have figured out the play was about them a lot sooner, but it was such a clever idea of the children to do it. good job. hope you write more.
5/12/2015 c1 190Chelsea Oz
Very bittersweet and refreshing!
5/10/2015 c1 11BlossomOfEdelweiss
Cute story, thanks for sharing it with us.
5/10/2015 c1 17Consti Grandchester
I love it! reacting their love story was a great a idea! Georg could be very stubborn!
5/10/2015 c1 Maria
Awe! I love it! It's perfect! So glad you're back!

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