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11/4 c30 ZealJD
When I first saw Albus Sev..., I instantly knew he was gonna get bullied. HARD. Now the author has made it clear how hard the bullying will go until morale improves.
11/4 c26 ZealJD
Harry: Wait, it's all smut?
Hermione: *points gun* always has been.
11/3 c21 ZealJD
Ah man, I kinda wanted Harry to get with someone from Londo Bell or maybe Luna since they're his version of normal.
11/2 c8 ZealJD
"He would be reunited with Yui in Third Impact. He also hoped that Londo Bell would actually be affected by it and not find it mildly annoying at most."

That one motherfucker in Londo with a mech that rewrites reality (most likely Megaz let's be real here) "Time to press the reset button!"
11/30/2021 c35 Ultimate savior infinity
One question: what was that bird-girl hybrid from? Just asking
11/13/2021 c44 XenoSmutFlare
Very interesting story, wondering if Harry is going to get a mech upgrade in the future or keep with the Elite Mook suit.
8/17/2021 c19 LuxCranel000
wait so Ron gonna pilot Gundam AGE.

can you give harry a Gundam too. maybe Gundam Extreme and Master Phoenix Gundam.
7/22/2021 c3 Gnormann
Too many characters way too fast. If you aren’t familiar with the super robot wars side most of this is very hard to follow. Barebones introductions to characters is just not enough for a reader. Completely flat characters with no emotion or background and instead of fleshing one or two out it just cycles through more than a dozen people in a chapter. Reads more like a crack fic than anything else with the way the characters act. Also feels like the HP world is being cartooned instead of bringing realism to the newtypes.
6/8/2021 c44 LuxCranel000
pls more update of this story is awesome, funny, and crazy!
5/9/2021 c22 Ultimate savior infinity
The Vegan Empire is actually an alien empire, dingbat! I dunno why they were named that!
5/6/2021 c16 Ultimate savior infinity
GRENDIZER?! Oh yeah, bring on the Final Dynamic Special!
5/6/2021 c14 Ultimate savior infinity
At least the Penguin Empire from Daimidaler isn't here. Those creeps are all pervs! And so is the main hero of the show! PLEASE DON'T PUT THEM IN!
4/28/2021 c6 Ultimate savior infinity
Hmm. Looks like Akira Fudo might make Gendo’s scheme go boom-boom
4/28/2021 c6 Ultimate savior infinity
Oh boy. Who here wants to bet that the interference of Londo Bell, with Shin Getter Robo and now Devilman, is gonna make the 3rd impact and the Human Instrumentality Project gonna go down the crapper of the holy lord for all eternity?
4/28/2021 c5 Ultimate savior infinity
Hold the phone: Go-Lion, a.k.a. Lion Voltron, has just arrived?! FORM BLAZING SWORD! BEAST KING LIGHTNING DROP!
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