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for Harry Potter and the Super Robot Wars

10/19/2020 c44 bowham123
5/15/2020 c44 Guest
It lives. Honestly thought this fiction was dead.
5/13/2020 c44 Starlord Master
Such noisy children.
5/13/2020 c44 Guest
Welcome back!
12/30/2019 c1 Guest
I am so glad you came back and cleaned this up! I read it the first time before you clean it up and it was a nightmare to read. Now it's so much better and much more enjoyable. Now of all the characters so far mentioned I recognize Harry and Coop. I've seen the Mages cartoons or I wouldn't. As for the rest in this entire story, I truly doubt I'll recognize any but the Harry Potter ones. I read this once before and was somewhere above chapter 20 but I have no idea where now. The one thing that's always bothered me about the HP fanfics is with all the crap that goes on in Hogwarts how is it that the students never seem to tell their parents about it? I know for damn sure if at the boarding school I went to students were being petrified I'd sure as hell tell my parents about it when I got home on either the next break or end of the year! As I don't know if you've got kids or not I still think you'd want to know about something like that!
9/1/2019 c43 10Knightowl 4183
I find myself wondering... will London Bell figure out how to purge the Radam programming from Blade's family? I mean it would be cool if they saved Blade's sister who was dying, as well as the reactions of Blade's family/friends being cured.

I remember this Harry Potter fabric that had this female OC just entering Hogwarts a few years before Harry, being an avid Toy Collector, and messing up a potion in Potions class. Said potion looking like sludge, which as what Snape decided to test using the Spiderman Action Figure she had in her bag that he had confiscated, and dumped it package and all into the Cauldron.

She was upset and tried to fish it out, after seeing the figure moving in the potion, and was shocked as she realized that it had brought her Spiderman figure to life... powers and webbing being rendered real as well. Inhuman Dragon Hybrid teacher OC decides to help her by recovering potion, reverse engineering it, and providing her the recipe, and this led to her forming a club of fellow toy collectors.

It was a good fic, Unicron and the Death Star being disguised as Bludgers was a top moment of hilarity. The Death Star destroying a bat or ball, was trumped by the freak out of the beater who tried to smack Unicron with his bat, and his new phobia of Bludgers after it quickly and relentlessly devoured his bat...
7/10/2019 c42 Guest
Can you give Ryouma Nagare girlfriend a Gundam fighter?
7/1/2019 c41 Guest
And you're not going to try to condemn Yui Ikari for her role in the mess known as Evangelion? She was insane after all when you think about a lot of things: the aftereffects of the Contact Experiment and what it would do to her husband and child, the fact that she sired a child during Second Impact, the fact that her version of Instrumentality was to simply condense all of human existence in one single Eva and shoot it into space as a "monument to humanity", etc.
6/19/2019 c42 Guest
3/1/2019 c41 Guest
2/28/2019 c41 Guest
3/1/2019 c41 12Maloran
Trying to remember if GaoGaiGar appeared in this fic or not. Eh, I'll look later.

So, Shinji finally said 'screw you' to his father. If he only had a support group in the manga/anime...
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