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6/28/2016 c1 erza
Wow a love tringle!

Oh well it's so cool !wow!***
2/18/2014 c3 Guest
more THREESOME! me likey!
11/12/2013 c3 IntriguingHeart
my favorite pairs in SLAMDUNK n damn there isnt alot of stories about slamdunk :(
i hope you write about them again!
thnx :D
6/3/2011 c3 HanaNaruLight
It's good!

But i will not fave this coz i still hate Rukawa uke Or's a Big big No:-(

《waves...Hana Uke Banners》
6/3/2011 c3 HanaNaruLight
It's good!

But i still hate Rukawa uke Or's a Big big No:-(

《waves...Hana Uke Banners》
1/23/2010 c3 122atobelover
Hey. This story is AWESOME, you've managed to capture everything so perfectly and beautifully but the spellings and grammar need a teensy bit of attention. =]


PS AWESOME story which is worth reading a million times.
11/15/2004 c3 23LadyTrunks
Truly a great story. ^^ I hope you continue to write more with this unusual pairing.
11/9/2004 c3 jantis
*read... And blush a deep scarlet* That was... WOW!
11/9/2004 c3 Lissem149
Absolutly Mind-blowing! I love it...
3/21/2004 c3 daiph
2 years after it was written and I still manage to come across it, very beautifully done.
2/6/2003 c3 Sins
J'adore! Tes fics sont toutes plus géniales les unes que les autres... ^^
2/2/2003 c3 Miaka
I love your fics! And this one more particulary... It's really romantic, well written... And HOT!

I'm impress to see th number of fic you've written, too... ^^
1/19/2003 c3 Mimi
*sigh* it's so romantic! i just love it... i really love your fics!
1/13/2003 c3 Luna
! It's beautiful, and i so love how the tone increases in every chapter until the lemon! It's purely marvellous, I just love your fics! ^^
12/18/2002 c3 66yumeyana
*wipes drool from face* wow! what a threesome! loved this and loved this and loved this!
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