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4/17/2016 c5 5SonicAnime2010
Careless display from Sirius, then again I can't be too surprised... he spoke of arrogance yet he displayed it the most... and hooray for Spidey being there...
4/16/2016 c5 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
4/16/2016 c5 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
4/16/2016 c5 7raw666
Oh Dumbledore, you have no idea what you just screwed over with and its not going to end well for you. Hey, can I make a suggestion that the army of Hitlers true magical force is Hydra and the Red Scull was a Dark Lord and muggle born. That would cause some heads to turn.
4/16/2016 c5 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
4/16/2016 c5 Rebmul
again cant wait for her to tell her parents to fuck off when they realize they messed up
4/8/2016 c4 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
4/7/2016 c4 Rebmul
I can wait till she goes ms marvel on the draongs and the fucks find out who she is
4/7/2016 c4 raw666
Actually you could have gone with a Native American Dragon went with a fifth one. For instant Angont is a drake (four legged) dragon that while doesn't breath fire, is a toxic dragons with its teeth and skin poisonous to any who touches it. There are also several others, mostly sea serpents but you get the picture.

Well anyway, good luck with the story and I wonder when Carol reveals everything. Can't wait so keep up the work. Though I question why Hermonie so helpful instead of disgusted by Sirius actions in this chapter and as it would be more in character if it was Ron that made the suggestion.
4/7/2016 c4 StrongGuy159
Cool story continue please.
4/7/2016 c4 5SonicAnime2010
Well well, isn't little Sirius getting cocky... Basilisk Shmasilisk, the bad guys the Avengers face could turn that overgrown snake into skin.. Captain Britain, can't say I recognize him... and welp, there goes the Carol/Jessica ship I was hopin for
4/7/2016 c4 raynisia
interesting way to get the brother in the tournament. curious if they goblet recognizes Carol as a double entry? Nice chapter!
4/7/2016 c4 9Morgan d'Arc
I like the plot of the story but the grammar and length of each chapter is rather lacking for the time it takes to update. Perhaps you could try to review your chapters to make sure that you do not use slang such as 2 or umm.

Besides the grammar I think you have a pretty original story and I hope you keep it up.
4/7/2016 c4 29Sakura Lisel
Wait if Carols OLD name came out, and ONLY her name, why is her former brother being wrangled into the tournament? Idiot wizards. The fact thatt her name still came out DESPITE supposedly being 'dead' doesn't make them think they were WRONG about the supposedly dead 'Squib' and her supposedly lack of magic? Plus if the goblet of fire spat out her name wouldn't it mean shes NOT dead as they all thought because the goblet wouldn't have used the name of a supposedly dead girl as the schools champion. But instead of going on a manhunt for the TRUE Champion of Hogwarts so she doesn't suffer from whatever automatic contract based magical punishment she'll get for NOT competing in a competition she didn't sign up for, they switch the the Champion title to her brother who's name DIDN'T come out of the goblet at all? *lol* and the centuries old magic enforcing the tournament rules is LETTING them do that without anything bad happening to the rule breakers? *lol*
4/7/2016 c4 Fireweedfield
I had a small moment of confusion there between Sirius Black and Potter but other than that, I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait for the next one!
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