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6/6/2019 c27 152Linneagb
I knew there was something about Chattanooga I'd forgotten. I loved this ending chapter, it was just happy and you know- lit up unlike the rest of this story and I thought it suited very well. Caleb deserves all he's getting. But I wish we had seen more of Rose Nichol in the series. But apart from that then. I love your stories, I loved this saga and I'm so happy I read and reviewed it all.
6/6/2019 c26 Linneagb
Awwwwww, Seth. I know he was lying and all of that but he never meant any harm. I hope we'll get to see some of Sandy and Ryan's trip in the last chapter, because there's only that left now.
6/6/2019 c25 Linneagb
I thought you did what was the exactly right thing with Sandy telling Ryan about his dad. Haha, Seth and his food is so important. And finally, things just slowly starts going back to normal- as much as normal gets in their world. And I only have two chapters left of this whole story and saga.
6/6/2019 c24 Linneagb
Aw, I loved that ending paragraph. And it's so terrible what these people would do to get their drinks. Poor little Ryan. And all that fighting and he was in bed. And now, I was a bit nervous what would happen with Ryan and his biological dad. But Ryan seems wise letting it go.
6/6/2019 c23 Linneagb
Awwww. That last line. It's good at least Ryan would know about Trey. And Seth is just too cute as well, at last trying to figure what Ryan would really like instead of bringing comic books and his own CD's. Something in that with Seth I just sort of liked.
6/6/2019 c22 Linneagb
And there we go. Poor Ryan. If there was just a way to take it all away. All these people having hurt him so badly... At least he's not with them anymore and I... I just hope there's some way
6/6/2019 c21 Linneagb
If someone would have seen Kirsten press that against Trey's face she would have been in trouble. But of course he deserved it to say the least and Kirsten's awesome. I hope they can all make this as good as possible for Ryan. And the line in which Kirsten hopes Trey could tell Caleb is just so perfect, as is everything else in your stories. But I haven't much left to read of this series now.
6/6/2019 c20 Linneagb
All those rats, poor Ryan. At least Sandy will keep his word for Trey. But now this with Ryan's dad and Frank. The problems just keep on coming, do they? And of course, it's not like they can live happily ever after.
6/6/2019 c19 Linneagb
I wonder if the memories are going to return. I sort of hope they do, it might be even harder if someone tells him about what's happened. Only thinking about insurance and money now... Ryan's always worrying for those he cares for isn't he? It's so sad.
6/6/2019 c18 Linneagb
I would say awwww. But it's just that everything that has to led up to this felt too terrible to say just that. Seth should have learnt a lesson now. I can just see in front of me Ryan with bandages and plasters and Lord knows what everywhere. But at least now he has to be okay. I just have to keep reading. I want to read some more with the Cohen's being there for him.
6/6/2019 c17 Linneagb
This is as long as I read the other day. Anyway. FINALLY. AJ would have deserved a lifetime in prison and punishment instead of it all just being over like that. Still, everything of how they're searching for Ryan and everything is so perfect. Ryan and Sandy... I just love their relationship in this.
6/6/2019 c16 Linneagb
It's so complicated now. Whatever they're doing for Ryan it ends up wrong in some way. I hope they can make this all work and those are some brave people. Just as much as AJ is a... I can't even find a word for that. Money? All of this about money? I have to keep reading.
6/6/2019 c15 Linneagb
What's the difference in between a cellar and a basement? Anyway. People like doctors, police, nurses and so on are always critizised (I might or might not have spelt that right) for doing or not doing... But one forgets everything they have to go through with everything. And now Ryan's alone. Geez. For all of them, every second must feel like a year.
6/6/2019 c14 Linneagb
Oh my God. They're blaming themselves, especially Ryan but Sandy too and that's so sad. As we all know this has not been anywhere near their fault. I have read some chapters now but I'll go back and read more carefully and review. Poor Ryan. He's just been through so much terrible and now he's just trying to say the Cohen's and all of that money and everything.
6/3/2019 c13 Linneagb
That part with Caleb and getting him arrested again was great. Just amazing. So perfect, and that's how you do it! It's almost sad that Jack calls Ryan the lad, they've met each other so much Jack has a nickname for Ryan.
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