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8/25 c32 CursesRevenge
I am so, so sorry. At the beginning of this chapter, when you mentioned what this story was an outlet for, then my heart was seized by concern. Concern for YOU. It’s one thing to read about such a horrible thing happening to fictional characters, no matter how much we love them, but it’s another thing to find out that it happened to to a real person, namely you. Tamuril2, I have read your story. My heart bled, my eyes read, and my soul grieved. I will pray for you every day, I promise.
Are you a Christian? I really, really hope that you are; I would love to meet you someday. If you are not, then I will pray for that as well. Goodbye!
8/25 c31 CursesRevenge
This cannot end well for Thor.
8/25 c30 CursesRevenge
*vomits* I am mortified.
Amora and Lorelei are the new objects of my hatred.
8/25 c28 CursesRevenge
*winces* he took Loki’s asgardian form, AND his jotun form? Yikes, that’s HARSH. Poor Loki.
However, I honestly thought that Loki would become slightly suicidal after being in such a horribly raw state for so long. It’s not so much the fact that he WAS so messed up that would bug him, but more that people SAW himin such a shattered state of mind and body. Hence, his heightened pride and ego would wince at that. I’m glad his sanity( far the most part) is back, though. I hope he eventually forgives Wanda.
8/25 c25 CursesRevenge
You’re married? Wow, congrats!
8/23 c13 CursesRevenge
*passes out on the floor*
8/23 c8 CursesRevenge
Help, my heart is bleeding
8/23 c4 CursesRevenge
Huh. Well, here I was this whole time being so mad at Odin, when really he actually WAS acting with… goo- *choke, HACK, cough, GAG* gooo… gooo… *wheeze* GOOD intentions. There, I said it.
8/23 c2 CursesRevenge
*chokes on glass of water* Man, this is heartbreaking! No one, NO ONE deserves to experience such horrific mental trauma. Frankly, right now I just want to skin alive whoever did this to poor Loki. It’s almost funny, however, how the Avengers had Black Widow interrogate him, considering she’s the one who had to do it last time, when he was in his former glory. Frankly, no matter what the consequences, I just want Loki to get his memory back. A Loki isn’t a Loki without self worth, courage, and a snarky smirk on his face.
7/17/2021 c22 1234
This is awesome! But I wouldn't rate it PG-14. I'd rate it PG. I think I've read too many M-rated Loki fanfics.
4/8/2021 c31 Carolyn
Hola no sé si estás ahí o no o si leerás esto ...pero me encantó la historia es triste pero hermosa y me dejaste con mucha ganas de leerla completa saber cómo termina hacia q ojalá este te animes a escribir y terminarla( claro si lees esto) y me dió ganas de q hagas una historia de Loki y Thor en Adsgard con los pequeños Flashback q nos diste en esta historia y los profundices en una historia más larga No se sería interesante tal ves es mucho pedir no se besos y saludos...
3/4/2020 c31 11summerartist
I really enjoyed the fluff to this chapter with Tony's obvious care for everyone and how he was disturbed by the mark on Thor. Natasha was awesome with her brazenness and stubbornness. Very good confrontational chapter!

(btw, are the Star Wars references intentional? "It's a trap" and "This has bad idea written all over it" similar to "I've got a bad feeling about this" are either remarkably coincidental or are a deliberate reference, but either way, I enjoyed them!)
8/10/2019 c2 10GliderPilot
Games of Thrones reference? A lot of dehumanizing going on (although Loki is not supposed to be human). Anyway, well done. I will continue.
7/24/2019 c26 Guest
Sorry. I’m composed now. I love your work, please continue!
7/24/2019 c23 Guest
Yay! Don’t stop now! ️️️️️️
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