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10/3/2015 c11 leo0256
Another excellent chapter. I can't wait to read your next instalment. I'm loving this story!
10/3/2015 c11 4thephoenixandthedragon4ever
Glad Hulk could comfort and relax Loki maybe he can convince Loki that Hulk is strong enough to protect him from Master, from The Other, from the Chitauri and sadly from his fear of Thor.

Sorry RL is getting in way but glad you found work. Look forward to when you be next able to update even if it takes a long time.
10/3/2015 c11 CrystalSapphiremoon
Do you boo boo and update when you can
9/4/2015 c10 11summerartist
I forgot about Laura Barton for a minute and did a double take. Heh. It's interesting how you described Natasha and Bruce as almost having a good cop bad cop routine. Clint being jealous is a unique take on things. Hopefully he comes around!
8/23/2015 c10 Guest
Ahhhhh this story is wonderful! I love it so much, and I love your wringing style!
8/21/2015 c10 Armand
Thanks for the update! Phil should be next, Phil is the best!
8/20/2015 c10 16angrbodagiantess
Clint. Ahh, Clint. I've always found him difficult to write in these sorts of "Loki is innocent" situations. Always so complicated- because how do you write him realistically? How do you draw the line between 'angry and bitter Clint' and 'good-guy and sensible Clint'? I think you handled it well here. He seems angry- understandably -but he also comes off as childish at times, and that works. It's easy to sympathize with Loki, but you do a good job in showing Clint's conflict with exactly that. He hates the guy, but he also can't hate the guy, and that's what's causing so many problems for him. Nicely done. I'm also glad that you didn't jump in to show them actually interacting yet; it's more realistic given the framework of what you've presented so far with this fic. No one's gonna let Loki interact with someone that might cause him undue stress.
(That reminds me. You used the word "cause" instead of "'cause", ie without an apostrophe. 'Cause is an abbreviation of "because", so I thought I'd point it out. Can't remember where I saw that in this chapter, somewhere toward the beginning, I think.)

As for who to show next... Hmm. Not sure. Whatever feels right for you! I love seeing Thor interact with Loki in these sorts of scenarios, but it almost seems odd for him to randomly pop down to Earth, at least frequently. My thinking is that if he's *able* to take care of Loki at all, then he's the one that should be doing it. Having him visit very rarely works toward making it seem like Thor isn't there because he *can't* be there, not because he doesn't *want* to. He's got bigger fish to fry, and any visit he has should be an event, not a random whenever-he-feels-like-it thing.

Also, switching POV frequently is interesting, but it might also make the fic seem less focused and too far-reaching at times, especially when one assumes the main plot is simply about Loki and how he'll be dealing with his post-torture issues. If the story is meant to be about everyone, then that is of course fine, but this story feels very Loki-focused, and having so many people's POV all the time feels somewhat inconstant; I don't know who I should be concentrating on. You listed Loki as the main character, but we see so much of everyone else that I'm left kind of confused. The story feels "stretched out", like...if you'll excuse the Lord of the Rings quote: "Like butter that has been scraped over too much bread." Lol. I like everyone's POV, but a bit more focus in future chapters, whether on just Loki, or Loki and a few other people, would maybe alleviate some of that strangeness.

In any case, I'm having a lot of fun with this fic. Keep it up, dear!
8/20/2015 c9 angrbodagiantess
I like how you write Steve. Him knowing what the "do's and don'ts" are with Loki actually makes sense. He just seems like he understands people, if only because he's seen so much. Although he probably has a tough time with everything in the modern day, people are pretty much the same as they were in his day, so it makes sense. I will say that one thing stood out as sort of "out of character" for Steve. He scolds himself far too much when he (somewhat) blames Loki for the issues they're having. I doubt he'd feel bad enough to want to run away to his room to ask God for forgiveness. Cap doesn't strike me as the type to overstate things, and self-blame doesn't really fit him. If he *really* did something wrong, then he'd probably deal with it in a pragmatic fashion, although with his being canonically a Christian, it does make sense he'd ask for forgiveness- just not in a self-flagellation sense. He'd ask for forgiveness, accept that he has it, that he'll never do it again, then move on. Now if he did something really terrible like kill someone by accident... that's another story, lol.

Hulk is adorable here. He sort of reminds me of a more extreme version of Thor; they want to help, but they're such larger-than-life characters that someone so overwhelming really wouldn't be good for Loki right now. Kinda cute. :3

I also want to reiterate the 'show don't tell' concept. You're pretty good with this most of the time, but there's an obvious case of 'telling' instead of showing in this chapter: the "mitt flopper" (LOL) paragraph. Everyone knows that Steve is a soldier, but that he will follow his own moral compass first, and follow orders second. It's best to show this with actions, not words. Or otherwise not mention it at all since it's something that's covered in the movies proper. In fact, mentioning it specifically makes Steve seem pretentious in a roundabout way, by pointing out how awesome he is, as opposed to humble and sensible, which is how it comes off when done with actions.

This is random, but you should have Steve use those phrases in a sentence and have everyone look at him like he's crazy. XD That would be hilarious and adorable.
8/20/2015 c8 angrbodagiantess
Ohmygooosh, he thinks a friggin' window is his friend. A WINDOW. He's just so adorable! And sad. Adorable and sad. Lol. Can I hug him now? And maybe squeeze a little too much? X3

So it's interesting that, despite his child-like frame of mind, Loki still has great observational skills. He recognizes that Natasha's smiles are all fake, and it's nice that he's still "Loki" inside, even if he's too damaged to really bring it out normally.

I just want to point out that I really love it when Thanos' (or the Other's) words randomly pop in there. It really works, somehow, and is sort of jarring; which is probably what it is to Loki.

I'm wondering how long they can keep up this facade. Will lying to Loki about his 'Master' come back to bite them in the butt at some point? He's likely to find out, and then how will he trust them? I'm very interested to see how they deal with that!
8/20/2015 c7 angrbodagiantess
It's been forever since I read this fic! I really need to catch up. There's just not enough time in the day, huh? ;)

I thought you wrote Bruce pretty well. He's just what Bruce should be: compassionate and kind, especially when it comes to patients, but nervous with his dealings with SHIELD. Coulson was pretty well-written, too, although we don't see much of him so it's kind of hard to tell. We're also seeing this from Bruce's POV, so that's obviously not going to show much of what's happening in Coulson's head- and that was nicely done, too.

Overall this chapter is well-written, but there's one thing that kept grates on my nerves. Everyone seems to be calling Natasha 'Miss Romanoff' instead of 'Agent Romanoff'. I thought it was because Bruce is a civilian, and that's just what he calls her out of civilian ignorance or something, but at the end you mention Barton and Romanoff in the same sentence and for some reason she's listed as 'Miss' again while Clint is 'Agent Barton'. If he can remember that Clint is an agent, then it's strange that he can't keep it in his head that she is one, too. I'm not sure why that is and it kept distracting me from the chapter, lol. Not a huge issue, of course, but it was noticeable enough that I thought I should point it out.

But anyway, nice chapter overall! I think I'll read the next one now.
8/19/2015 c10 3fastreader12
Thank you so much for updating (even though I wasn't able to read it until a week later...)! As always, I can't wait for the next chapter! :D
8/15/2015 c10 1pallyndrome
Good chapter :) very well explained :) I would look forward to another Thor but phil would do
8/15/2015 c10 11a-really-angry-sorceress
Heya! So, really liked this chapter. Like, really really liked it. Clint's mentality was super realistic, because every had those times where they feel like shit but they know other people have it worse. I get that, I actually do. And besides, it definitely seems like the kind of thing Clint would do because he subconsciously thinks he deserves it. And bravo for holding out on the Clint/Loki moment! It can be hard when your readers want something not to indulge them, but to me your reasoning seems spot on. Go you!
Also: PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL. I have a mighty love for Coulson, and also a might need for him to be in this soon. He seems like the kinda cool, chilled guy that would do Loki some good. Hey, he could even be 'freshly wounded Coulson limps in on crutches with a kind smile and a pissed off Hill hiding outside the door with that gun Phil used in the film'. No? Hey, it's your story. I just love Hill&Phil. Love. Them.
Anyway, I'm ranting. I loved this chapter and I loved your exploration of Clint's feelings. Keep it up!
8/15/2015 c1 akuma
Did you just make Loki an M?
8/14/2015 c10 animeangelgirl29
You did a great jod on Clint, I think Phil will be a better chores than Thor, to much family drama for the next chapte it wil be best to hold it of till the end.
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