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7/28/2018 c1 19AliciaRoseFantasy
OMYGOD! My heart! And this is just the first chapter! Ohh I love it, I love it so much! Yes. Bring on the Loki hurt/comfort. I didn't know how much I needed this until this very moment. Loki actually being innocent just feels so /right/.

Excellent take on his character. Can't wait to see where this goes!
7/21/2018 c30 17time2read
interesting fic
6/11/2018 c30 11summerartist
Yeek. She's unpleasant to say the least. *curses Loki for going along with this*
6/10/2018 c15 RedHeadLena
Yay! I love your writing Tony! I always hope that everyone who writes him does him justice and for anyone whose last name isn't Lee or Feige it is quite a feat but you did [him] good like really good, when he went off on a rant in his head !while! talking to Fury, that was sooo him!
What else was there... I'm so loving the Loki-loving Hulk! That was so nice and fluffy thing to do, and yet you went afterwards and let poor Loptr be taken by Hydra? Well played, my dear, well played indeed...
I know there was one more thing I wanted to mention and kept it till later bc I can't imagine you appreciatiate my fan-rant after each and every chapter I read, why yes, I'm on a binge now so it would be every five or ten minutes or so and I'd like to see myself as a reasonable person so it will be only every couple of hours or so
Anyway, on to the next installment I venture, ur gr8,
xoxo lena
6/10/2018 c4 RedHeadLena
I don't think Odin was that much OOC-I really hope there is a lot of love for Loki in him,they are nor just as close as he is with Thor, although what always puzzled me is why he (and basically everyone, usually in fanfic a hints in movies) looks so down on Loki's using magic since he is one of its most powerful wielders? Just putting it out there.
Well I guess I'm about to see where you're going with this notion, so far I like your story very much although I generally don't go for much of a lokiwhump, he's too BAMF in my eyes xoxo lena
4/11/2018 c29 341Lokiismylife
Oh dear... that's not good. Nice cliffhanger though.
4/10/2018 c29 11summerartist
Ooo I'm especially intrigued by the description of magic and how it works. Also, I liked the extra attention on Loki's alien qualities and that you called him an alien. Something about it just makes it more interesting somehow.
3/13/2018 c28 summerartist
This one is so good! Love this chapter especially with Natasha and Odin! You wrote them brilliantly and even better than canon! Well done! I regret not getting to it sooner but I was writing and painting.

Love cynical and caring Odin here! And Natasha with her blunt kindness and gifts of tea! This one is definitely good!
3/11/2018 c28 1pikachukite
totally awesome. cant wait for more!
3/11/2018 c28 341Lokiismylife
This was certainly interesting...
2/28/2018 c27 9Ms. Chaos
I don't hate you! I love this fic and I can't wait for the next chapter! :)
2/20/2018 c27 1pikachukite
AWESOME story! took me all day but I read it! its really good. cant wait for more!
2/20/2018 c18 pikachukite
pfttt mew mew... XD Rofl
2/19/2018 c27 11summerartist
You write Thor and Loki moments so well. It always gives me a case of warm fuzzy feelings. I love how honest they are being with each other after everything that's happened and how their bond weathers it. Very sweet in the best way!
2/18/2018 c27 341Lokiismylife
I don't hate you. I like you and this story. I cope with long absences by forgetting the story exists, so I'm pleasantly surprised when it pops up again in my favorites.
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