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11/3/2017 c25 341Lokiismylife
Always happy for another chapter anytime. I suppose congrats are in order too?
10/9/2017 c24 1pallyndrome
Hope you continue! Wanda is a good idea :)
9/20/2017 c24 ThePhoenixandtheDragon
I hope Wanda can help but I am confused because Xavier is both more powerful and has training in psychology so why the Scarlet Witch?

I am so sorry you suffered an anaphylactic allergic reaction. I hope you are recovering well.
9/20/2017 c24 11summerartist
Oh no, cinnamon? Huh. I've never heard of that causing a reaction. I'm very glad you're okay though. That must have been scary.

And yay, Scarlet Witch to the attempted rescue! Hopefully things go well down that route.
9/20/2017 c24 341Lokiismylife
Yikes... you're okay now? Good chapter, btw.
9/20/2017 c24 67aqaws321
oooh good chapter!

ALSO WHAT TAMURIL YOU CANT JUST DROP SOMETHING ON US LIKE THAT. i'm so glad you're ok! are you recovered?
9/20/2017 c1 11Th3RedPyro
Wait... if he has no memories, then how come he knows stuff about his time with Thanos? :T
7/19/2017 c23 2AccidentallySocial
This story is amazing! Please continue!
7/9/2017 c23 1pallyndrome
I think you've successfully explained Lokis sudden God speech :)
I await more! :)
7/9/2017 c23 11summerartist
Even though he only had a few lines I feel like you really captured Charles Xavier well. Stark was good too! I hope you're doing okay and that you're having a good summer.
7/9/2017 c23 Freedom to Rarity
What about scarlet witch?
7/9/2017 c23 4thephoenixandthedragon4ever
You could always drag in the HP crossover. Severus Snape could really be alive but living under new name in South America or teaching spell creation/defense at a school in Salem, Massachusetts. Sorry if idea is from left field, it is just that Severus Snape and Loki are my two favorite characters and I think a Severus post-War and able to start over with a clean slate would be just the right amount of Snarky brilliance without all the hateful bitterness. He would have had an epiphany after almost dying by Nagini which would return him personality wise to more like the young Severus, open and kind, that he was prior to Hogwarts, before he was cruelly used/abused by both Dumbledore with his evil Marauders and Voldemort and he would be open to helping Loki to recover. Plus he has experience of being enslaved to two cruel masters and what it takes to rediscover one's self worth.
6/23/2017 c2 Lilith Hawtrey
*no sound except distant sobbing*

You are talented and tug at my heartstrings. Poor Loki. Somebody give him hugs. Lots of hugs. And hot chocolate. Poor fellow could use some. :( *sniffles*
6/17/2017 c22 Guest
Loki was kinda weird in this chapter, not really like in the other chapters. A kind of drastic change
5/24/2017 c22 11summerartist
Aww I like this chapter. The backstory and the little details, especially Thor. Thor is so sweet and forgiving. Wonderful!
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