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6/23/2016 c15 11summerartist
That's a nice quip from Bruce there at the end. I too noticed the dramatic billowy coat swirl whenever Fury exits a room. It must be tailored to do that. Indeed, Richards isn't Tony's idea of fun.
6/22/2016 c15 1pallyndrome
No Loki but good chapter and good on you for keeping to schedule :)
6/22/2016 c15 26NorthernMage
Tony is having far too much fun.
5/23/2016 c14 1Sephiroth Crescent-Valentine
I have so many ideas for different paths and cannot wait for the next chapter!
5/22/2016 c14 11summerartist
Poor Loki, though it sounds like he won't have to suffer much longer, thank goodness. *chants* ThorThorThor! I like that he remembers Natasha in a more positive light now. Oh dear, I remember those tests can put you through the wringer. Take care of yourself.
5/20/2016 c14 Kekeh
Oh, my God... I think I will cry! When Loki will have some relief?
5/19/2016 c14 11a-really-angry-sorceress
I sorta don't want to break your classic 111 review tally but look-y here I'm about to do it anyway.
On a more sensible, less hysterical note, I already love your Wanda (and I can't wait to see more Pietro. Please?) I know we can't see or understand the situation in great detail due to Loki's frazzled mental state, but I like how you nevertheless manage to get across Wanda's hatred of Tony to the extent that she believes it possible that he's the one to have reduced this man to such a state.
Ideas for next chapter, hmm... Personally, I'd like to see the aftermath of what Wanda did the the Avengers -I bet Tony would have an absolute (exaggerated) hissy fit about being made to live through his worst fears /at Christmas/- their reactions when they realise Loki is missing, and the (beginning of) planning to get him back.
Keep writing!
5/18/2016 c1 Starowl
Woohoo! So glad to see an update! I am excited to see what happens next. Are they going to rescue him? Does Loki zap them all? Maybe the twins turn? I am happy to keep with this fic, you have my support
5/18/2016 c14 1pallyndrome
I'm glad you're keeping with this - keep going! My ideas for next chapter would be Pietro being nice to Loki, and Loki being rescued. :)
5/18/2016 c14 fullsignal
Welcome back! I was just going to ask if you were giving up on this ficD. Yes it is very very Short but it is very very very very good. Lopter is breaking my heart in here. Question, who is the blue man and why is he sad?
3/6/2016 c13 11summerartist
I especially like the inclusion of Christmas lights and Loki's continuous trust in Bruce. Oh no What will happen to Loki
2/29/2016 c1 11a-really-angry-sorceress
While I liked the chapter that you wrote before, I have to agree that this one is even better! My favourite part is still the twinkly lights, the innocent way you use to describe them brings back memories of childlike wonder, and since Loki is in a really childlike state right now it fits perfectly.
I also love the inclusion of the Maximoff twins! Only one thing: Pietro's name has an 'i' in it, like that. Also, I'm guessing that most HYDRA agents won't refer to anyone else by their first name, so the man in black calling her 'Wanda' seems a little odd. Maybe 'Maximoff' or 'girl' would be better? Finally, I know it's a pain to type, but it is actually S.H.I.E.L.D. because it's an acronym, not just Shield.
Still, I definitely think you've improved this chapter with the rewrite, and I can't wait to read more!
PS. I'm reviewing chapter one because it won't let me re-review on Ch13
1/11/2016 c13 16angrbodagiantess
Oooh, it's so sad that their Christmas got ruined! Poor Loki can't catch a break. Although it's short, the paragraph where Loki starts thinking about 'No, Loki' and that he's glad "Loki" is dead so "he" won't say 'No, Loki' anymore. :'( sad. Kinda wanted to cry on that part, lol.

Bad, Hydra, indeed! And I assume Loki just totally magicked them super dead? Nice. Interesting to see that Loki's still got some power there, even if he's not really in control of it. And on that thought, I wonder how the Avengers and/or SHIELD would react to this? That's a crazy display of power, might they fear him now? Or worse yet, might they consider putting him in a cell, as much for his own good as others? A very interesting turn of events. I'm curious to see what happens next! (And yay for Loki still remembering a bit of Thor, even if he still hasn't really remembered what's going on there.)

Random: love how you keep describing the lights as "winking" at him. It's such an apt and beautifully simplistic way of describing them, and more so from the perspective of someone with Loki's current mindset. It's simultaneously playful and quietly contemplative, somehow. Reminds me of...well, Christmas lights, but in a way I'd never even considered.

For a bit of critiquing, the Hydra goons' reactions are...a little odd. Maybe - and here's some irony - a bit comic book-y? The line: "You're ours now. You'll do magick for us!" sorta made me laugh, especially the second sentence. :D Hydra is basically an evil over-the-top organization, but Winter Soldier kept them somewhat more grounded (which continued into AoS), even if their mandate is still a bit ridiculous. Overall, you write them fine, but that one bit of dialogue comes off as odd because people will rarely state directly to their soon-to-be captives what they want them for. That's basically what comic book villains do. It might've been better if one of the goons had mentioned it not to Loki himself, but to a fellow goon. Like, "This guy has magick? Huh, yeah right. Look how easy we're taking him," then a response of, "Yeah, what's the use if he doesn't have it" or something to that effect, which would still allow Loki the response you wanted. Add in the fact that they're ignoring him and, essentially, treating him like an object would further emphasize how horrible Hydra is (and this is very much in line with their type of thinking).

I also want to say that the Avengers maaaaybe went down a little too easily. I'm not sure what to suggest otherwise, and this is more of an imho deal than anything, so don't sweat it. ;)

(This is random, but the reviewer claiming that it's "Hydra" and definitely not "HYDRA" is not entirely right. It could actually be either one, depending on your preferences. There's an entire discussion on it on the Marvel Cinematic Universe wiki that is quite interesting, and it more or less concludes that it can go either way. Might be easier to go with mixed-case, but I actually prefer all caps myself, hehe. Obviously, in both cases it shouldn't be misspelled with the d and r in the wrong place, which you did in chapter 6. u)

I hope you had a lovely holiday yourself, dear!
1/11/2016 c12 angrbodagiantess
As a person who absolutely loves Agents of SHIELD, the way you write Phil is spot on! I could easily hear his voice in my head, and see that half-smile that he always does. And it works perfectly that he joined with Pepper to handle the Avengers (but mostly Tony, haha). And yay on having only a couple of them handle Loki from now on! Poor boy is understandably confused about all that. ;)
1/6/2016 c13 26NorthernMage
Oh please let this mean that Loki's back. This is destroying me, seeing him like this!
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