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for Faithfulness

5/13/2015 c1 2patrickssong
If Charleybec is the Queen of Cliffhangers, you are the Queen of Georg and Maria sexy times :D Loved this for the afternoon. Was delighted when it popped up in my email. I could see Maria trying so hard to resist him, but who can?

Kissing her while slowing undoing her buttons - yowser! Digging her fingernails into his back and telling her he loves her with his body. All so delicious!
5/13/2015 c1 35lemacd
Of Georg. Georg, Georg, Georg. Never fine with the ex. Clearly our man has learned how to plead his case... Maria might have to get after him about something else tomorrow so she can, uh, forgive him again. Very hot, utility. Was that the WHOLE bottle of wine? ;)
5/13/2015 c1 1mvtfan
Love it! Per my comment in the Facebook group in the last few days, I'm guessing our very hot and sexy Christopher Plummer was quite an inspiration for making Georg the same in this story? :)
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