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6/21/2021 c10 5pandora1232
Please tell me that fancy font isn't in the next chapter? Could you have chosen any other font? Hard to read, but so far I enjoy your fic. Good job!
3/12/2021 c19 Isabella95
I havet even finished reading, but since i learned that you abandoned it, then I will take my time stretching it as far as I can until I've finished it. Really makes me sad that you're not gonna write any more on this one, cause I honestly really liked it.
yes some things were confusing, yes some things were weird. But I was sooo looking forward to reading about lyall in x-men and avengers etc. I was super excited now that we finally got to see something from captain America.
I hope that you decide to go through THIS story, make some small changes that make you feel proud of the story again, and then go aaaaal the way through the x-men movies and MCU

I believe in you xx
2/18/2021 c19 1LifePrice1412
I want to tell you as an American that you are right about that we do think are self first
1/17/2021 c24 hpslytherin123
Nooo,it was a good story,better than the "rewrite"
3/19/2017 c23 NicNick
LOVE THE STORY!I am HOOKED! Read for the past two days and it was still hard to turn off the computer. I hope you update soon can't wait till the other Avengers come into the story! Can't wait! How will they fit with the story and are you taking this all the way to the 2nd avenger movie or Captain Americas saga? Also what about the other xmen? Please update soon! THANKS!
3/7/2017 c22 1cartoon lover 2016
Nooooo! Bucky! Poor Steve. Poor Lyall. Yay new chapter! Great job! Please post another chapter soon! I love this story!
2/15/2017 c21 timijaf
Great chapter
2/3/2017 c20 timijaf
Great chapter
1/31/2017 c1 9AraelDranoth
The summary was good and the writing was decent but why oh why would you write it as 1st person POV? Taboo! Welcome to OOC kingdom!
1/20/2017 c19 shugokage
Good job on this chapter!
1/1/2017 c18 timijaf
Great chapter can't wait for next one
12/11/2016 c16 timijaf
Great chapter can't wait for next one
11/4/2016 c15 shugokage
Nice job on this scene and chapter!
11/3/2016 c15 timijaf
Great chapter can't wait for next one
10/15/2016 c14 shugokage
Interesting chapter!
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