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for Harry Potter and the Hangover

3/20/2016 c5 ElementalMaster16
very, very interesting fic so far!

3/1/2016 c5 Wyvurn
Love this plz make more
2/29/2016 c5 Tekurinmoto
Hope you are still writing this story
2/18/2016 c5 3elvander72
Hoping you are planning to continue this story. Enjoyed it so far.
2/17/2016 c4 Dragaron
Loving this story. I do think that Harry and Co. should visit Titans Tower first. Get everything done in the US before heading home to Britain. Please continue
2/7/2016 c5 tpowe15
Please continue this! It's really good.
1/23/2016 c5 powermachine79
great story so far i hope you will continue it because so many haven't :)

looking forward to more chapters
1/11/2016 c5 Zekedavis
I would actually like to see harry and co world trip story eventually, I have a suggestion for it where he somehow finds a place to gamble at each stop and wins money/property/or another wife somehow while drunk.
12/27/2015 c5 jbfritz
Great start!
12/19/2015 c5 Sean Malloy-1
Hoping for more soon
12/16/2015 c5 anthony.pengelly.10
good hope for more
12/13/2015 c5 bookboy226
Are you still writing this?
11/11/2015 c5 18Karakot
i want more! soon please. o and soooo HOT!
10/7/2015 c5 6FirstoftheAbyss
A rather good story, although not without inconsistencies.
However now you seem to have reached the point where a lot of other Harry Vegas-stories begin to suffer from hiatus. I do hope your's won't.
Well I am interesting how everything will continue, to find out in how many ways Fudge and his strategically shaved monkeys (and Toad) screwed things up and more important how Harry will continue screw things up for him and the others.
I am also wondering how Harry will rule "his empire" (he has members of the order and the French government in his pocket, the Potter-inheritance, several hotels/ casinos, possessions of Luther and the man's secretary and with her knowledge of a lot his bussiness [both Legal and illegal] and due to Raven a connection with a lot of young heroes and heroines)
There is a lot of potential, I'll definitely be watching this.
9/22/2015 c5 1stHorseman
I like this story. Please update soon
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