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5/15/2015 c1 Guest
I'm surprised she recognized a flying bison because she was born after the air monks were massacred a hundred years ago when the herds of bison that roamed the mountains were butchered by the armies of fire benders therefore she could never have seen a living sky bison but it's possible her elevated social status meant she received a better standard of education.

She likely learned of Air Nomads in history scrolls and in turn learned about flying bison so she recognized Appa as one as she must have already known that Aang was an air monk and in fact he was the last air bender in existence thereby rendering Appa as the only bison left as well.

I'm surprised she didn't mention Momo though it's possible that she doesn't consider him to be as unique as Appa is because a winged primate is unusual but it's more odd to encounter a massive six legged beast weighing ten tons that flies

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