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for Harry the Playboy

1/14 c1 Simianpower
Two months of constant insults? There's literally a week between the champion selection (Halloween) and the first task. What are you on about there being two months of insults and weeks worth of training time? Did you not actually read book 4, and only get your information from fanfics? I guess if you're just writing smut for its own sake it doesn't matter, but in that case you don't even need the trappings of Harry Potter. You clearly don't grasp the source material, and with everyone being OOC and the timeline munged and so on this is more distracting than it's worth. Skip!
11/11/2022 c2 Lord Of Domination
"his womanhood" this author is a joke.
11/11/2022 c1 Lord Of Domination
this author keeps mixing genders. is he an idiot.
11/11/2022 c1 Lord Of Domination
oh god, this harry is cringe and pathetic as f*ck...
11/9/2022 c34 Raizhan
An absolutely amazing fanfic !
7/4/2022 c34 nater0730
whj it s
3/19/2022 c1 Eeyore3061
Dear Penthouse Letters, I never thought I would have a reason to write a letter like this, but at the Yule Ball something happened .. something wonderful .. and then *it got better*...
1/4/2022 c34 waytodawn0
Are you going to eventually come back and complete this? I really wanna see Harry’s duel.
1/2/2022 c5 Chris
12/29/2021 c34 Guest
12/27/2021 c1 jimmy.oz
haven't looked at the story yet but just the synopsis makes me wish you would finish the story.
12/20/2021 c14 Boboo
Certainly very erotic. It’s very well written, descriptive, and SO erotic. Honestly, I say this would make an amazing porn vid. Taking into consideration the fact that both Fleur and Gabrielle are part Veela, that would just make them even more hot in real life. Now, I can’t say that Cleménce Poésy, the girl who played Fleur in the Harry Potter movies, was all that hot, but the Fleur in the book was supposed to be completely gorgeous. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan, (and also a huge sex fan!) so this fanfic was perfect for me. I’m an unprofessional author, so I can recognize a well-written book or article (or just about any other written thing) when I see one, and this is no exception. All I can say is, way to go!
12/8/2021 c7 Aries
Nice Sex. So fun. The brest and pussy brilliant.
9/24/2021 c34 Ashwathdragon
Please continue this story!
It is quite good , both on the lemon and story front
It is quite impressive
9/11/2021 c1 fauzi.uchiha.18
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