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7/22/2016 c34 Guest
SCREAMS! I'm so hyped to read the upcoming chapters and how Ravenne's character will change the outcome to the school arc! I really enjoyed the twos interaction in this chapter and how clueless Bluer was. Can't wait for the update, I really hope Ravenne will pull off some bamf moves or dialogue in the tea party! What is TIA though? Sorry if it's really obvious but I was wondering what you were talking about in the end?
7/21/2016 c34 74Queen-of-Ice101
I really loved this chapter! The romance fitted perfectly with their characters. I completely agree with you that having Bluer make the first move and making Evelyn all demure and submissive would have been out of character.

I'm glad you liked my review:) I do my best to let a author know that I enjoyed their stories when I find one like this that's unique and really pulls the reader in. I know how hard writing can be and sometimes fanfiction can be even harder then writing your own work since people go into the story with a expectation of how the cannon characters will behave.

Again, love this story and I'm really looking forward to your next update:)
7/1/2016 c32 Queen-of-Ice101
I'm really enjoying this story and I'm looking forward to your next chapter. This is a really unique fanfic idea and I love how you are making Eveyn fit into the story seamlessly without making her appear like a self insert that knows the storyline before the characters live it.
Loving this fanfic:)
5/18/2016 c31 12Esmereilda
nice chapter
3/7/2016 c30 ele22
HEEEEEEEEEEY! It's so good to have you back! And with another amazing chapter nonetheless! I can't wait to see how you will solve this whole predicament, it is kind of complicated, isn't it? Well, update soon lovely and let us know
3/2/2016 c30 1greymae
You are writing about my favorite arc in Kutoshitsuji. There is very little fanfiction concerning the Weston College Arc, but you have performed admirably. I couldn't care less how long it takes you, just please keep writing this story!
2/26/2016 c30 12Esmereilda
all it needs now is red type font and it would totally be all that XD
1/10/2016 c29 31Overlord Rousdower
\(*O*)/ YAY

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend! Sorry I haven't reviewed in awhile, things have been busy!

I'm really liking Evie, more and more... *rubs hands* I can't wait to see how this pans out!

Overlord Rousdower out_
1/10/2016 c26 Overlord Rousdower
Aleister u be a creepy dude with horrible timing...

1/3/2016 c29 6PrismUnicornRainbows
I have a question for my readers:
Should I make the final match one LONG chapter? Or like in the original manga, have it spread out over a few chapters? Your decision lovelies :)
1/1/2016 c29 12Esmereilda
esp since ciel has said that on more than one occasion
12/20/2015 c28 Esmereilda
I was the 1st person to put a toy in the box for toys for tots at my local publix v and in regards to the chapter the plot thickens yet again
12/12/2015 c27 Esmereilda
nice chapter and incase this is the last chapter you post b4 then Merry Christmas!
11/16/2015 c26 GalacticSpoon
3 Great job with this one! cant wait for the next!
11/16/2015 c26 Esmereilda
lol evie pretty much jinxed Redmond XD
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