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for Tradition is Absolute!

9/16/2015 c20 Guest
OMG I love this story so much! Evelyn is absolutely AMAZING! So proud of this girl and her determination!
I really hope you will update soon became after this beautiful chapter I really can't wait!
Beside how did Evelyn see the fire at Baron Kelvin ' s house? O.o
Update soon
9/16/2015 c20 Catarina Persephone
Awesome! Girl power :)
9/16/2015 c20 31Overlord Rousdower

That was pretty awesome... So intrigue.. Much cliffhanger.

And LOLOL Sebastian on the elephant I will never not laugh at that XD and I just love how everyone is like "RED TEAM STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR." sorry I got distracted there XD

And also sorry I didn't answer your PM! I was super busy and forgot DX If I had had time I would have said yes though XD XD XD

Update soon I am definitely looking forward to this!

Rousdower out_
9/16/2015 c20 12Esmereilda
go evie!
9/12/2015 c19 Esmereilda
XD nice chapter
9/4/2015 c18 Esmereilda
and the plot thickens
9/3/2015 c17 31Overlord Rousdower
Sooo I finally read this arc in the manga! And now I have read this! And i likes it }:] Evelyn is a very enjoyable OC and I like how she interacts with everyone... and LOL Soma. Heheh... \

Rousdower out_
8/22/2015 c17 Guest
I love this story soooo much Evelyn is amazing and I really really really really ship her with Bluer! They are too cute together! Greenhill is a great friend for Evelyn but I can't really see them together...
Update soon
8/21/2015 c17 12Esmereilda
ciel just stepped on a landmine XD
8/21/2015 c17 LightToYourDarkness
Pls update soon again! I love this story so much!
8/21/2015 c16 Esmereilda
sweet she finally managed to get greenhill to practice with her
8/9/2015 c15 Esmereilda
at this point I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if her admirer was the undertaker XD
8/5/2015 c14 Guest
I got to know who her YGA is! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
8/5/2015 c14 Esmereilda
it prob a good thing that you cant write "good" falling stories but I did like the chapter
7/25/2015 c13 M
Ooohhhhhh please update soon! Your story is getting so good! Nice touch on adding the soma and evie aspect. I especially can't wait to see Maurice get revealed! Great job!
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