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7/25/2015 c13 12Esmereilda
*readies Capts shield to defend against intense 'discussion'* well so much for subtle from soma *rolls eyes* and I hope that evie's necklace is gunna be ok o.o
7/22/2015 c12 Esmereilda
well what did the author honestly expect to happen when he was acting like Loki XD ok that said back to this chapter one prince soma two/three/four idk but look forward to finding out and seeing where the author goes next with this story
7/20/2015 c11 Esmereilda
*throws Capt's shield at the evil author * v this is going to get good since as they say the truth always comes to light XD
6/24/2015 c10 Esmereilda
I hope ur method for outing cole is as ingenious as the one ciel used in the canon
6/3/2015 c9 Esmereilda
and ofc he is going to give him the wrong time
6/2/2015 c8 Esmereilda
that was sweet
6/2/2015 c8 Catarina Persephone
really enjoying this :)
6/1/2015 c7 Catarina Persephone
Nice work
5/31/2015 c7 Esmereilda
im curious about that too actually
5/28/2015 c6 Esmereilda
and the plot thickens
5/26/2015 c5 Esmereilda
I wanna see how and when ciel is going to appear in this fic
5/20/2015 c4 Esmereilda
XD well aside from that it was a great chapter
5/20/2015 c4 LightToYourDarkness
Hooe tou update soon!
5/19/2015 c3 Esmereilda
well at least she isn't going to be at Weston under the snake skeet
5/18/2015 c2 Esmereilda
ok so what underhanded trick is skeet going use to get evie to attend Weston since neither she nor her father want her to attend weston
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