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7/14/2017 c1 13Bow Echo
JUST BRILLIANT! I still think he's got it bad for Kayo, can't imagine that girl having the time or inclination to pick out shower gel for anyone, Penny maybe Kayo kiddin yerself there matey! That man had way too much time on his hands thank god because the picture of him waving his naked arse in the direction of any country he damn well pleases just crackin! (See what i did there!), then the Bee Gee's, a naked John (ah go on!...sorry wrong fic) just a having a chuckle to himself on the glass bottomed (sorry) catwalk just priceless, then the picture of straight laced Scott going a little bonkers (hope that takes on a naked theme...what was i doing...oh yeah a review) just a gift...yes please for that fic. Sighs happy and hit's fav. Loved it.
12/6/2016 c1 19ChampionTheWonderSnail
I don't know what the best thing about this fic is; John's version of the Bee Gees or John Glenn Tracy mooning planet Earth. I never thought of Thunderbird Five as a natural Naturist Habitat, but thank you so much for that imagery. I can now cross this off my bucket list. This fic is awesome, as are you for writing it.
6/3/2016 c1 startingover21
Hehehe. :) Thank you for this, it made me laugh and I am glad it exists. Thanks! It was brilliant
10/3/2015 c1 ngairetaylor
It would be funny if someone had rung... Or he had one of those very rare visitors.
You can never be certain who can see you.
I was having a coffee one day when some fellow Taxi drivers at a Taxi rank in Townsville started discussing a house they knew where the lady of the house did her house cleaning in the nude. The house in question was one halfway up a cliff in a very isolated area. No real neighbours to speak of. Unfortunately I choked on my coffee as I also recognised the house as being my Aunts and the woman doing housework as my Aunt.
She had though that no one could see her due to the distance from her windows to the nearest road. She did not take into account the size of her lounge room window... And the power put into a mans eyes if it would help him see a naked woman... LOL.
8/16/2015 c1 8Agent Nova
It's late. 11:49pm, to be precise. And I'm in bed, reading this, laughing so hard that my cat is giving me funny looks because I'm making the bed shake - and her along with it. I've got to be careful not to wake up my son, who's sleeping in the next room.

I'd normally quote the stuff that had me howling. But if I were to do that with this story, I'd have to copy and paste the WHOLE bloomin' lot!

I'll shortly be retiring for the night. Wonder what I'll dream about...? ;)

Teebs, you're a comedy genius. 'Nuff said.
5/19/2015 c1 56Louise Hargadon
You know, I'm pretty sure it was you who gave me my ultimate Writer's Block Busting Advice (and just Writing Advice in general) - "When in doubt, stick a naked Tracy in the shower."

You take your own advice spectacularly well!

I AM CRYING. This is just brilliant. I mean. Oh my god. But like. Oh my. Just. I can't. It is amazing.

. Thank you for mentioning Gordon. Because the show bloody doesn't bother. Am I the only one who noticed that even though he was *in*the episode last Saturday he didn't actually get any dialogue?! I could rant. But I won't rant. But I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how many shades of angry it made me. Legit I considered renaming myself David Banner after my eyes turned white and I accidentally became Lou Ferrigno.
. John and his grapefruit and mint shower gel belting out a medley of, not show tunes, but Kids TV themes. I can't help but feel that Jeff would be proud. We all know how he feels about a good singalongablution.
. A woman's touch. A woman's touch! The magic of Aladdin couldn't do as much! Ahem. Sorry. I saw Calamity Jane at the Empire the other week and I'm still a bit obsessed. Anyway. John and his rude thoughts. *attempts to look disapproving* *fails* *LOL*
. More Grandma's cooking trauma. Those poor boys, no wonder they're all so skinny and John thinks that filling bagels is an optional extra.
. The fact that there's just a thick layer of transparent perspex between a very naked John and an entire planet. I'm feeling dizzy just thinking about it.
. John goes space bonkers with genuine aplomb. Drawling like a drag queen in Vegas into an imaginary microphone. Dancing to no music.
. America's Next Top Supermodel. We all know that this is the gig John wanted most of all. He has the bone structure. He has the body. He even has the hair. But no. He's naked in space instead.
. That boy isn't half handy with his fresh hot bagels. Not. Even. A. Euphemism.
. John mooning an entire planet ONE COUNTRY AT A TIME. Oh my lord.
. Suddenly panicking in case Kayo is listening. The real fear should be that Gordon's listening in and recording this entire performance...
. Actually properly panicking about what might happen if someone called at that moment.
. The Space Bonkersness (it's a woid) taking over and him actually not caring about who sees him dance naked in space.
. Hips gonna thrust. What can you do?
. But he'd eat a whole plateful of Grandma's cookies to be back home, fully clothed and having hugs with his brothers! AWWWWWW! I was not prepared for that emotion!

Oh my God. That was one helluva rollercoaster ride. That was just amazing. I MISS reading stories like this. Not... y'know... necessarily Naked Tracys In Showers or anything. Just proper, good, old-fashioned FUN stories about the boys just being the boys and doing daft, silly stuff for no reason other than the fact it's Tuesday. Or whatever. You know what I mean. This was just so flippin' good. I haven't laughed like this since... well... Probably since Gordon uttered the immortal words, "Scott's ass pizza?!" (it was also a great story, go read it, some wonderful human wrote it)

I'm sorry I've rambled. I'm really sorry. But honestly it was just SO great. Thanks so much. I love the fact you're so totally back into writing TB. You write our boys too well to be away forever.

Yours in Naked Tracys (I think that's another story entirely though)
Ell Aitch xx
5/17/2015 c1 Kyer
Don't care how alone I -know- I am on some given day (sans maybe the goldfish) ain't no way would parade around starkers. Uh uh. At most a mad dash from the bathroom to the bedroom.

John is bonkers.

Although I kept expecting the end line to be him realizing that he'd forgotten to turn off the hologram cameras.

Thank you for not going there.
5/17/2015 c1 Guest
I've thought of a place where Johnny could hang his bagels ~snorts uncontrollably~
5/17/2015 c1 134Artemisdesari
Lovely. Silly, naked John. What more could we ask for? Liked the sensual imagery at the beginning before the inevitable Tracy lunacy that followed. It was anamazingly relaxed moment for John but with just enough introspection to make me want to go up there and join in his little walk

5/16/2015 c1 4LiberinHawk
Absolutely loved every bit of this, I'm still speechlessly drooling and deliciously happy. Oh Johnny! Missed your TB writing so much, Welcome back!
5/16/2015 c1 48Darkflame's Pyre
"He would eat a whole plateful of the hated things if he could just beam down there right now." Right now? Erm... Johnny, have you forgotten that you are quite deliciously, tanned-arsedly naked right now? Are you positive you want to be showing off the family jewels and other rounded things besides? I mean, *I* would be pretty pleased if you appeared in front of me buck-nakey right now, but I highly doubt your brothers would. Or M.A.X or Kayo or Grandma...

Teebs you have no idea how much I enjoyed this. This is fanfic GOLD. I used to read your other nakey!John fic repeatedly (can't remember the name of it right now for the life of me), and wish that you would one day extend on it, but whoaaaaaa... talk about exceeding expectations... I know it's a M site but holy macaroni, I couldn't help but wonder about the visuals involved in this... yeesh, that's a whole lotta bouncing for one guy, and I just bypassed amusement and went straight to hysterical laughter when I realised he was standing on a transperent platform, showing everything off. Better hope that no aliens were playing Peeping Tom; that could be all kinds of weird awkwardness... He did wish for a lady after all...

Anyway, before my brain goes into Completely Inappropriate Thoughts territory, I'll just finish off with saying how much better this has made today for me. This is the one bit of amusement for the day so far, and I have to say that this is one of my favourite fics concerning Johnny so far... I kinda want to request that you write this ina bit more *explicit* imagery... just cos I'm honestly curious as to how that other fic might relate (if at all) I want continuation!
5/16/2015 c1 12Scribbles97
hahaha, oh John!
5/16/2015 c1 73JOTRACY123
Loved it loved it thanks for making my morning xxx
5/16/2015 c1 91Madilayn
Ooohhhhhh - I am still giggling over this! John proving that he can be totally bonkers (even if it is where nobody can see him). I also LOVE the little John/Kayo touches! We know exactly who he would like to test his shower theory on! :)

Nicely written and a great insight into the "hidden" side of John's personality.

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