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for White Canary - War for Redemption

12/20/2015 c9 Guest
You need continue this story. Please! And I definitely want to see some more Sara and Nyssa.
8/21/2015 c9 UnguidedLight
Awesome x.
7/12/2015 c9 Gary
I like the future father aspect. Of course it also might be because you did not make damian darkh the father like almost every other arrow fanfiction. Also, you can't go wrong with a tour inside felicity's mind.
7/7/2015 c8 Guest
6/25/2015 c7 600LycoX
Ooh a mystery with Diggle! Could he have gone to outer space with the Green Lanterns? Very nice chapter as well, especially the perspective we got with Thea. And yay for Sara having her memories back!
6/24/2015 c7 68mjf2468
So very good. Some interesting ideas in here that I've not thought of, especially Ivo's wife alive. How delicious. And bringing in the Legends cast...excellent. can't wait to see where you take this next!
6/24/2015 c7 2serenityskywalker
I loved it! pure genius I loved her reaction and most of her memories are back keep it up new chapters
6/15/2015 c6 Guest
Love love LOVE this! I'm excited to see The relationship between Nysa and Sara evolve!
6/10/2015 c6 serenityskywalker
tell me a cat fight between thea and sara will ensure cuz I want sara to kick her ass for shooting the arrows apart from her being drugged also maybe memories will trigger too also what will laurel's reaction be? new chapters
6/9/2015 c6 Lisa
I love this fic! only complaint i have is with the oliver/sara refrences. Marc Guggenheim has explicitly stated that Oliver loved Sara but he wasn't IN love with her. I understand that Nyssa and Felicity are worried, but based on canon characterization Oliver would never chose sara over felicity.
5/29/2015 c5 yg23
Great chapter, like how you are bringing other characters into the story. And hopefully there's more Nyssa/Sara scenes. Also will Laurel, Oliver, and the others find out about Sara being alive?
5/29/2015 c5 Guest
This is great keep up the good work. can we expect some more Nyssa/ Sara centric chapters coming soon? :D
5/29/2015 c5 serenityskywalker
shit this is getting good new chapters
5/25/2015 c4 600LycoX
Well this is certainly an interesting way to bring in Kendra! And hopefully Sara gets some actual clothes for herself soon so that she's not havin' to walk around in what she currently has on! And no doubt Kendra's gonna have a heck of a time adjusting to a different time.
5/24/2015 c4 Guest
I like how Sara seems to know words like Starbucks but doesnt know their meaning :)
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