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8/5/2016 c1 bleachcreep21
This was surprisingly sweet, in a Sebastian kind of way. His reaction at seeing his little girl was spot-on. I love it!
6/12/2016 c1 1Dawn on fire
Such a great fic. Nice to both see Sebastian's emotions on a demonic level, through his aesthetics with his child, and read about a past life of his.
12/11/2015 c1 Isipin
Hey! Sorry for the late reply, finals are driving me crazy. First of all I just want to thank you for writing such a great story. I really don't have much in the way of the review, I've always enjoyed fanfics that revolve around Sebastian's past 'lives' so to speak but there aren't that many that keep him in character as well as you have or not have him fall in love with the contract holder. heh. What can I say? Everything is great. I also especially love the darker tones in here, you were not afraid of the darker topics here yet you did it respectfully or didn't sensationalize it? If you understand what I'm trying to say? But I'm rambling by now. The gist of it is, great work and can't wait to see more from you.
11/19/2015 c1 2Moranx3
Oh my gosh.. I love it. Seriously, I do. I died a bit inside when Sebastian said "Because She would have been beautiful." The emotion I felt there, the emotion that Sebastian didn't know to feel was so strong it radiated from the computer screen to my friggin' heart.

11/7/2015 c1 91-Phoenix-Feather-1
I am crying!

8/6/2015 c1 Roturier
...and I was right: every bit a good the second time around.

I wonder how many times I'll need to read it before I stop wanting to... I don't know, slash my cheeks or something.

Great story. Thank you for writing it.
8/4/2015 c1 16earthmaker
this was a really good story, very well done. you should write another chapter, maybe a whole ciel mpreg thing, if you're up for it of course . again awesome story
6/30/2015 c1 1ByMyName
This is one of the best fics I've ever read
6/19/2015 c1 yapook
Hey, I thought your story was a really interesting look into gaping black hole that is Sebastian's backstory. I was a little squicked by the rape scene 'cause you know, its rape. Thanks for keeping it relatively detail-lacking by the way. It's a nice compromise to staying in character and not being insensitive to your readers. I think the part that stuck with me most is when Sebastian makes the transition from calling the half demon baby it to she. It really shows how attached he's unintentionally become without excessive description.
5/25/2015 c1 36Aservis Roturier
An excellent story as always, one I know I will want to read more than once.
5/17/2015 c1 12Esmereilda
poor Sebastian :(
5/17/2015 c1 Guest
It was a really interesting story. The idea of Sebastian working under Atilla the Hun is quite amusing. I didn't expect him to care so much about the child he had forcefully created at all, but it was certainly curious to read such a scenario, and I believe you did it to the best of your ability. You have a really nice writing style, and I didn't once see a grammatical error which is rather surprising for a fan fiction. In fact, I might as well check out your other stories. I'm sure they'd be great. Hope you keep up the good work, dear!
5/17/2015 c1 1dystonia
I swear, until this story I would never have thought that cannibalism would be an appropriate response, but you actually made it work. And basing the story on a well-known historical figure, while 'solving' the mystery surrounding his death... Nicely done!
5/17/2015 c1 emm park
This is great (and truly tragic)! There aren't that much great Sebastian-related stories that kept him in character. Good job.
5/17/2015 c1 Guest
So sad...

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