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for Dark Ice: Sequel to Rise of Darkness

2/15/2018 c1 MASTER OF SLEEP
OMG what happened! Jays a frckin vampire and is trying to kill kai. W.T.F! Is Nya going to get drained of blood as well as Kai or is she going to save Kai! TELL ME WHAT THE F*CK HAPPENS?! PLEASE UPDATE! OR ILL DIE! P.S sorry for my sh*tty language.
6/7/2015 c8 8Revlis Charm
Next chapter in prog-rece-o
6/7/2015 c7 Revlis Charm
Screw dat, I'm hungry.
apple juice
6/7/2015 c6 Revlis Charm
Dun dun duh! #CinemaSins y'all
6/7/2015 c4 Revlis Charm
ཿD ཿD ཿD :c holy s*it I wasn't expecting dis f*ck to happen. Also, i season swear words even though I don't give a f*ck about swear words. Also, people dont give a damn bout meh. Screw off
6/7/2015 c3 Revlis Charm
SRYY mothaf*kas. Dis jus happend
6/7/2015 c2 Revlis Charm
OMFG I wasn't planning on dis sh*t to happen. F*ck it.
5/31/2015 c5 Revlis Charm
Omfg I wasn't planning on this
5/31/2015 c5 1RebeccaM30
Whoa! You mean Jay's a...? Those swords did something, didn't they?
5/25/2015 c2 RebeccaM30
Noooooo! Not Jay! *anime style bawling*
5/25/2015 c1 8Revlis Charm
I finished the next chapter, but I'm editing it.
5/18/2015 c1 7Vixenlovesninjago
(:,( sad

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