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5/12 c14 myasia88
boy i screamed when i saw this updated. i need those two together so bad my heart is squeezing in my chest. all i could say when i was listening to her brother and mom was "oh now you wanna cry" like get out of here. it's not even really slappy's fault honestly i think ray would've found out about her anyway regardless if slappy came back earlier or later on.
anyway please hurry with more, my entire being needs more of this story!
12/17/2017 c13 myasia88
Jesus. If amy gets turned into something crazy I will scream.
Well probably not, seems like Ray is just trying to kill her so I mean... yeah.
I laughed on the ending part for some reason, mostly because her brother low-key ships both of them together.
Anyway I can't wait for another update. I'm still in with this amazing story, I grew up watching and reading Goosebumps
7/31/2017 c12 myasia88
i really love goosebumps fanfiction esp when it involves slappy and amy, ray and amanda because honestly fu*king goals. i can't wait for another amazing update.
1/11/2017 c10 myasia88
why did i feel bad for slappy but i couldn't quit laughing the whole time amy was screaming at him? ugh, those two just need to get together already they are to cute together. and ray needs to be with amanda
10/27/2016 c9 Ghoom
Yay! I didn't notice there was an update. Love the writing! Currently one of the stories that's holding my interest. c:
7/20/2016 c8 15OfficialWhiteFireTheDragon
Not many of the Slappy fanfics have kept my attention but this one has certainly gotten interesting. I absolutely love the idea of Slappy being protective of his slaves from Wally. Can't wait for more!
7/8/2016 c8 AD7
Yo. Yeah, I'm finally back... just too lazy to review most of the time, sorry. But I had to review this time. SO. AWESOME. This is still the only Goosebumps story I like... and dang it, but you've hooked me onto Slappy to the point I'm getting ready to buy the books and watch the movie(s). I love the characterization going on here, especially with Slappy. And the ending of this chapter? Glorious. I'm also interested in how "Wally" is going to affect the plot... I really need to read this series, now. Or at least do some serious research. _" My only real suggestion for this is that the character development between Amy and Slappy seems kind of fast... like, from what I can tell, they were pretty much mortal enemies, and now they're confiding secrets to each other, even if it's only through rants. Oh, and while I feel like it's pretty good right now, just watch the dialogue amount. I get that this chapter needed a lot of dialogue in order to explain things, and you did a good job of keeping it from being overwhelming . Just something to think about and keep in mind. Honestly, I'm just happy that this is being updated at all, so... yeah. This is great. :-) Already can't wait for more,
Ciao for now,

(Yes, that last one is my actual account name)
7/7/2016 c7 SlappyXAmy
I really love this story are you going to finish it if you don't mind me asking? but I love Goosebumps and my favorite character or I mean villain is Slappy I love him and I love the movie by the way my names Shayna anyway I wish you good luck making more fan fictions in the future bye!
5/14/2016 c7 1cl0ve
This story seemed to be progressing well! I hope you come back to it someday. 3
4/20/2016 c7 Noname4u
Lol Amy bitch slap Sara XD bitch deserved it well good job can't wait to see more :)
3/27/2016 c7 Pokemon Guest
Love this story, but have Dr. Palmer side with Amy please.
3/12/2016 c6 KatherineQuin
Omg. Best Slappy fanfic I've read so far! Amazing job!
3/5/2016 c1 UndeadNightmares
I've been asking many writers this, and I really hope you do not mind, but do you have a Wattpad account? I believe there is a woman on there copying people's fanfictions.
1/31/2016 c6 114purpledragon6
Sassy sassy
11/19/2015 c5 azuresflame
Awesome chapter! :D Can't wait for the next XD
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