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for Black 2 & White 2: True Colors

11/14/2015 c9 Guest
N has Zekrom and Black was sucked into the Light Stone.
9/16/2015 c8 21The Legendary Falcon Fall
Interesting story...And you actually mention one of the most obscure Dexholders as your main characters.
9/9/2015 c7 yourmybff
Excellent chapter so,Hugh is finally regretting what he did. I can't wait for the next chapter! Are they really going to take down Neo Team Plasma? Is N gonna come back with Zekrom?
9/9/2015 c6 7Kazuya-san
About the other Dexholders, you could always make Silver or anyone to be a student in the trainer school, acting like a spy or something. Or Green as a guest class and teach how to train your pokemon more efficiently. The core reason why they're in the Unova region can be about on how to get Black out of the stone. This is only my opinion though. And I just want Red in it XD
9/6/2015 c6 Guest
Nooo, I want more! Q-Q Please continue
8/23/2015 c6 coolgirl
I really do like this story,can you write the next chapter please?
8/17/2015 c6 Guest
Hugh has temper problems
8/17/2015 c3 Guest
nice, keep it up :)
8/13/2015 c6 1Pale1357
take your time
7/18/2015 c6 75magnipisika16
Oh dear, I've been special mentioned 3 Ahahaha, thank you for your recognition, but I must say, you have budding talent here :) It's just sad that the story's been finished so soon, and at a crucial part, too :( Ah well. You have been the second to direct me to Hidden Truths and I believe it must be worth reading :D

But either way, this story was very good :D I hope to hear more from you soon! Thank you!
7/7/2015 c6 Guest
No. No! Do not end this story here! I need to see what happens next; you've done an incredible job with this so far and there are already so few BW2 stories out there, I need to know what happens next! Please, don't let the incredible potential this story has go to waste; you can turn this into an entire chapter.

Now, that said, I did have a few problems with this chapter: first, you skipped over all of Rosa's flashback. In addition to the obvious of someone reading this who has not read the magna and has no idea what happened, it's just lazy too. If you didn't want to write a flashback, you could have just had Rosa summarize what happened. Second, for a moment during Hugh's side you shifted between third and first persons. Third would be the ending; it just feels so incomplete and abrupt, please don't end this story! Finally, would be the oneshot. Since there's nothing to distinguish the A/N from the actual story other than a line break, it was a bit confusing for me. It would have been better to publish it as a separate, tie-in story. There were also multiple typos, but I'm not going to get on you for that.

Regardless of all those complaint's, I can't emphasize this enough; this story has been incredible, is much needed, and should not only be finished but turned into a full-fledged chapter. Please don't let it go to waste!
6/4/2015 c4 magnipisika16
This is nice :D You've really characterized them well enough (and I think it's a bit tricky considering we only have a few scenes in canon where they actually interacted), so congrats! I love the way you presented Lack-two's flirty behavior and the twist in Hugh's personality (how his rage diminished a bit upon realizing he had friends)! I see them more as a trio now! Yey~

Keep on writing! I can't wait to read more _
6/4/2015 c5 Guest
So it looks like everyone is heading to Driftveil for their own reasons. Anyways, I love this story! I really wished they had continued the Black and White 2 Magna, but if they did I can really see it playing out like this. I do hope you carry on writing this after everyone meets up in Driftveil, though, since this has so much promise as a story.
6/4/2015 c5 7AbsolutelyAbbie
This is really interesting! I definitely like the characters, and I love how they're intertwined and watching that unfold! I can't wait to see what happens next!
The only other thing I would comment on would be the age of the characters- they're so young, I don't think they'd really be using terms like "hooking up.." But maybe that's just me.
6/3/2015 c2 75magnipisika16
This is getting more and more interesting~ And the phrase "dense boy with a pikachu" is beginning to grow on me.

Can't wait to read more~
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