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for Black 2 & White 2: True Colors

5/28/2015 c4 1LovelyAndDull
Nice ending of chapter 4 i almost spat out my water xD! Please continue your story!(When you have time of course!) ;V;)/ it's so interesting!
5/23/2015 c3 9Chivan
i see your 3 chapter is introducing the main character so i cant say anythong yet. but it has a good pace for a story so good job :) im going to wait the main idea for this story before i can say anything i think.

keep it up.
5/20/2015 c3 Guest
This is a really promising story, and I can't wait to see how the dynamics between Whi-Two, Lack-Two and Hugh will unfold. Hopefully Whi-Two will have some guilt at seeing how she pretty much was one of the people who unwittingly ruined Hugh's life and turned him into a bitter, vengeful person with an indiscriminate vendetta. I would recommend not advertising your stories at the end of the story, though, and save that for you profile.
5/18/2015 c1 Chivan
...i dont think rakutsu (lack-two)'s hair is green
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