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for PMD: The Light in the Storm

11/11/2016 c41 4Parousia45
Man, this has to be one of the best adaptions of Explorers of Sky. The characters and members of Team Firestorm are lovable and unique in their own way. You made me cry too much when Vincent, Rose, Magnus and Nocturne were killed. I look forward to read the sequel and the Firestorm Death Battle is going to be cool but sometimes I don't like to see a character I like to be killed and I'm glad if the character I love won.
11/11/2016 c16 Parousia45
Yup, saying goodbye to Manaphy is one of the saddest parts of the game.
11/10/2016 c7 Parousia45
Man, how can I miss out a RWBY reference? I'm ashamed that I didn't get the reference since I'm a RWBY fan. I always say to myself:
"I hate this story of emotions I write."
My mind: "Stay strong P45(My persona's nickname) we'll make it through this together."
"Shut up, don't touch me!"
11/10/2016 c1 Parousia45
LOL, the Grandmaster of All things Bad always gets me. Yup, that Teddiursa is a girl, and boy are Team Firestorm awesome.
7/28/2016 c33 8PsychicEevee0103
I don't normally review old chapters of fanfics, but I just had to say that I LOVE how you handled Darkrai there! I have a certain connection to that movie, and it makes so much sense that Darkrai from PMD lost his memories and therefore defended Alamos Town due to something said to him in just about his first memory.
Also, I've been reading this series for the first time, and may I just say, how have I not read this before? The first little bit of the first story felt so familiar, like I started reading it but stopped... not making that mistake this time! (I've also been making connections between this fanfic and another I know which actually led me to this.)
1/1/2016 c41 Guest
That will be cool but... What happens to those who lose it? And those who win it?
12/29/2015 c41 3Caelys
The vote is over? We'll have the Third Part of story of Team Firestorm? YEAH! \(•)/
12/29/2015 c40 Caelys
Oh oh! Iden is alive and now, he know that his son is one of the leader of Team Firestorm! Yeah! Good new!

Vulcan is well come back himself! And Amber brought the Insurgo! Galvantula, Tyranitar, Basileus, Celebi and Grovyle! Grovyle, my love, you're back! Oh no, that's no my love because he's already took xP
But, there are two points which draw my attention... First, why only four member of the Insurgo? And why have you put "two Sceptile" if Briar (of the Future) is dead and that Grovyle is always a grovyle?
12/29/2015 c39 Caelys
Man of dead... Vince, Rose, Magnus and even Noc...! He'll don't give his gift to Jade... never. I hope Vulcan is well come back himself.

Since, why Amber can use her powers and Connor no?
12/29/2015 c38 Caelys
But nooo... NOOOOOO! Not Vulcan! Why? All of that just for celebrity?! And... Crap! A fight Connor vs Vulcan. I would have preferred a friendly fight...

Connor will should he really kill him?
12/29/2015 c37 Caelys
Oh my my my... What has Mordred done to Vulcan?

Connor cracks without Vulcan to his side...

Team Hope & Core to the rescue! XD I love Shinobu...3
12/29/2015 c36 Caelys
Finally, we would have a fight Connor vs Vulcan and there... He's captured. What will they do to him?!
12/17/2015 c35 Caelys
Oh... Amber is here! So..., she not a Temporal Guardian now, right? She can be with Connor! 3 Will make they babies?

I confess I don't understand the purpose of Mordred...
12/16/2015 c34 Caelys
So Vulcan's parents are always alive... Oof... But what is this team that speaks Nagini?

Besides, Vulcan saw his father in the Café and nothing?! But WTF?!
Popov Connor, he didn't understand what that said Shinobu! XD I love my greninja, he's so misterious!

Jade seems have problems of heart... with Noc, we said.

Manaphy's back! I was tear up too.

And my favorite member of Team Firestorm, that's Vince ;)
12/16/2015 c33 Kurashi
Firstly, I find Cresselia is underdeveloped. Then, there are many inconsistencies in what that Darkrai to Connor... He turned himself into swampert for protect Grovyle, which is why Connor became a mudkip. A fact which could have Grovyle remember, either.

If not, I found the Darkrai of the Future most mysterious, manipulator and charismatic than the one here. That Darkrai seems me... how say...? Crazy. But I enjoy how you turn the end, with Darkrai which happens to be the one of the film "The Rise of Darkrai"!

Really good chapter ;D
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