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for PMD: The Light in the Storm

12/16/2015 c32 Kurashi
So Jade have links with Vulcain because she knew Iden, Vulcain's father? Besides, Roy could be Iden? Horrible nightmare, say in passing.

I Wonder me if Jade and Noc will set torque... and for Alice and Altas, that's finaly official!
12/15/2015 c31 3Caelys
Great chapter! The Darkrai's battle approaches... For stope him definitively!
12/15/2015 c30 Caelys
So this was what was Roy... in their shadows! That's ingenious. By cons, this part was really fast.
12/15/2015 c29 Kurashi
Oh...! That's so romantic! Noc will melt the frozen heart of Jade?

Palkia isn't really smart... he does not even ask how two simple Pokemon could create the distortion. And then that he shouted, Vincent didsn't hear him? It's not normal!

Will they see again team hope in Eastern Immanis?
12/15/2015 c28 Kurashi
Good chapter.

Interesting question about Connor and Vulcan.
12/15/2015 c27 Kurashi
Then, all those challengers... it was Team Virus?! Besides, what did they have against Grovyle?

Like in game, they didn't say that must kill them for stop the distortion of space. That's comprehensive, after all. Noboby wants to died deliberately.
12/15/2015 c26 Kurashi
And of eight!

Atlas stared at Magnus with jaw hanging open! xD Died laughing!

They entered into the nightmare, that will be the moment of truth...
12/15/2015 c25 Kurashi
Good name for this chapter.

I love how you've did with this part of story, especially the reaction of Vulcan ;)
12/15/2015 c24 Kurashi
What Roy saw was so horrific that it?

Gosh! Team Firestorm beat yet seven Arceus' sons! How far will they go?

And He pass at the action...
12/14/2015 c23 Kurashi
OH MY GODNESS...! Since time I was waiting this instant... My team play finaly a role in your story and a mystery aura hovers around them. I love that !

Ooh...! Roy fell on Darkrai. He'll do of big nightmares. ...Hey! But it means that the last part of story of game is coming! Besides, I have a question about him. How many are there of Darkrai? Two? One in the Future and another one here in the Past?

I feel a strage showdown between Connor and Darkrai coming...

Cresselia is there! I can't wait to see how you see her.
12/14/2015 c22 Kurashi
Oh oh! That's interesting! We leave on a way unknown, as well for story as for game. I've never done, the Quest of the Seven Treasures. And something tells me that we're entering an arc speaking of Team Virus ...
12/11/2015 c21 Kurashi
Who were these pokemons? Team Virus?

Regigigas' Battle was really impressive! Four Arceus' sons in one day, that's incredible! And Team Firestorm goes through a moment of the story that I never did not.
12/11/2015 c20 Kurashi
Just, how Roy know that? He wasn't there at this moment... unless someone told him.
12/11/2015 c19 Kurashi
Good chapter. Yours chapters speak often of Grovyle, now... will you make him back? Or Team Firestorm definitely return in the future?
12/11/2015 c18 Kurashi
Good chapter. Regigigas' battle approaches...
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