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for PMD: The Light in the Storm

12/11/2015 c17 Guest
That was really funny when girls used attract! xD And Magnus that mocks them! x) It was just huge!
12/10/2015 c16 Guest
Magnus don't seem in love with Caroline, but I've feeling that Noc yes.

And that's really crazy how you can convey emotion as well... I had my eyes teared up when I read the passage where Manaphy leaves.
12/10/2015 c15 Kurashi
Yeah! Team Hope is in the place! Since the time what I proposed you my team...

By cons, I do not see how the fact to say or not to Vulcan is an opportunity. But I have a question... what do Team Virus want in Vulcan?

Vulcan acts like a father... I love that!
12/10/2015 c14 Kurashi
Me, I always saw Manaphy like a little boy, so that's good.

I love this moment where everyone laugh because Vulcan said that Manaphy thinks he's his mum! I died laughing in front my screen! xD
12/10/2015 c13 Kurashi
Roy is an interesting rookie, ha ha ha! It will be tense between him and Jade! xD

Baby Manaphy will be born soon 3

You're really strong to describe places.
12/9/2015 c12 Kurashi
Good chapter! But what happened to Jade? Her mother is - normaly - a Frolass. Why tries she to ruin her life ? For revenge from Connor and Vulcain (if that's really her that the Team Firestorm beat) ?
12/8/2015 c11 Kurashi
I'm really sorry, I hadn't time to read. School... Y'know know that.
Brief, in the game, Frolass was mainly used like a simple boss of dungeon, but there... There, she've a soul! That's good ! Continues!
11/5/2015 c33 17AeroJester203
Love it! I wish *I* had thought of that possibility for Darkrai. Excellent end to their battle.
10/23/2015 c42 Talgar
good but the 3rd Pov will be a bit strange for the story that is usally 1st. its good but I prefer the 1st pov.
8/23/2015 c10 Kurashi
Good chapter! However, be careful not to confuse POVs. You have confused Alice's POV with that of Rose.
8/22/2015 c41 Talgar
i understand ahh school bane of fanfiction since 1998
8/21/2015 c41 MissyMattingly
I hope I speak for all of us saying that we understand, school and work comes first I just hope you continue stories when you have a spare moment
8/16/2015 c40 LewdNinjaEmber
That was AWESOME :) please keep writing more
8/12/2015 c40 Talgar
Hype for next story!
8/12/2015 c40 Hobbes22
Hype! Your writing has improved so much since the start of your first fic, and this story itself has improved so much from its start. Great stuff.
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