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for PMD: The Light in the Storm

8/11/2015 c39 Hobbes22
You know, this story sorta felt kinda generic near the middle, but I'm glad I read through. I love feeling feelings, and I am definitely feeling feelings right now.
8/11/2015 c39 Talgar
Wow just wow.
8/11/2015 c39 Guest
Oh god. I think I might pretend this chapter never happened. So sad :-(
8/10/2015 c38 Talgar
This is great. Getting really edgy team members getting axed and all..
8/9/2015 c37 3Quint Polaris
Wooow! This is going to be the best!
8/6/2015 c36 1Grey917
is Conner going to become human again?
8/3/2015 c35 Talgar
Well maybe they could used taunt...
8/2/2015 c34 Talgar
Fav is mirage Cuz # flygon deserves a mega!
7/30/2015 c33 Talgar
I see what you did there with that movie reference..
7/30/2015 c33 MissyMattingly
That was a perfect ending to the chapter
7/28/2015 c32 Talgar
Dark crater will be the hardest dungeon yet.. those combuskon with that broken mirror move..
7/26/2015 c31 MissyMattingly
You got the heroes names wrong you said meowth and rio not Conner and Vulcan are you taking the text directly from your game somehow
7/22/2015 c29 Talgar
Jade and nocturne would not work out. They are not in the same egg group...
7/21/2015 c28 MissyMattingly
I love your stories they're really what the games should have been and I'm not much a reviewer but I did notice that you made a mistake on the first pov on chapter 28 it said Vulcan but it was Connors. I think I've always been a bit of a nit picker I still love your stories and I'm hoping after you're done with this when you can continue with Grovyles so keep up the awesome work
7/17/2015 c27 Guest
Good chapter, but I don't really like how the partner is suspicious.
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