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9/11 c11 Animarium1412
still hoping that one day it will be continued, damn. such a good story from you two
8/2 c11 Daggerxxx
Incredibly high quality work. What's more, it's unfortunate that it's unfinished.
5/29 c8 Guest
who is the real mc in this fanfiction if it's emiya he's like an extra character not giving away whatever
5/10 c11 11M-E-S-1276
Gah, I just hope can you writing
4/5 c3 5ProfesorGoblitz
And then, after years of imprisonment, he strikes. He kills the kings' two boy sons, fashioning their skulls into drinking cups for the king, their eyes into jeweled brooches for the queen, and their teeth into a necklace for their sister the princess. Next, he rapes and impregnates the princess, possibly drugging her first. Finally, having build a magical/mechanical set of wings for an escape by flight, he taunts the King with full knowledge of his vengeance, cruelly gloating, before flying to freedom.

….Jesus Christ man, I get it, you were severely wronged,…but that’s a tad bit too far getting people who aren’t involved into this because their related to the king
2/2 c11 Guest
This was an awesome read. I hope that someday we can read the whole story. Its made me wonder if after this EMIYA can be summoned under the identity of Archer Farran to the grail wars and what would his legend be. (He’d probably be recorded as part fae if he doesn’t get revealed as a CG. XD)
12/21/2022 c11 Lugal Kug-ga
Bruh...please update.
12/16/2022 c6 Daybreaker1
“ He spent a good hour last night telling Gawain what that meant: mental and emotional fidelity to one lover, with physical chastity before marriage, and physical faithfulness to a wife alone after he was married.”

Minor nitpick here - chastity isn’t just celibacy outside of marriage, it’s refraining from sexual acts. A husband who regularly sleeps with his wife is just as chaste as any monk.
11/20/2022 c11 Philosophysics
This is such a hard chapter to be left hanging on a cliff with.

Still. I hold hope that it will be updated once more one day.
8/5/2022 c11 Guest
The story you two made is great. I hope you choose to start it up again one day, because you left it on quite the cliffhanger
7/29/2022 c10 2TsknRaider
Shit what a cliffhanger on chapter 11! Hope this will be finished someday or at least give us an outline.
6/11/2022 c11 Dio Genus
Been stuck in this cliffhanger for over 4 years now. Still eagerly awaiting this story’s continuation.
4/29/2022 c5 Satan
Saw the end of this chapter, and dropped it. I absolutely CAN'T stomach rape stuff. it's absolutely revolting and reading it makes me heave. I'm sorry, but no.
3/23/2022 c1 Dasgun
.. .
3/13/2022 c11 Guest
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