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for Pain and Passion

6/17/2015 c4 2patrickssong
'Stay with me tonight..'. Just absolutely swooning over here. I love it. Literally gave me goosebumps. Georg's uncertainty about Maria's feelings is incredibly sweet. He is very insecure and very much like a young man courting a woman he cares deeply for. He is so sensitive to how she is feeling. It is very much like watching two young people in love, unsure what to do.

This is an incredibly beautiful and romantic chapter. It does make me curious about what you have in store for them though. Perhaps the seas are about to get a little choppy?
6/16/2015 c4 35lemacd
love that looking at his medals, thinking about him being "fine and brave" were what made her agree to be with him... well, maybe that was a coincidence. but i appreciate a lot (although never thought about it until i read it in your story) that it wasn't a given that she would sleep with him again, that he asked and hoped. i think this might be the sweetest you've written their lovemaking, which isn't to say the other times aren't sweet but this was... i imagined violins and soft lenses.

this might be the silliest review i've ever written. it was great, utility. let's just say that and let it mean every great thing i should say instead. :)
6/16/2015 c4 6chakochick
Totally fantastic. Was getting nervous when Elsa showed up in Maria's room, but LOVED the turn of events that kept her from scaring Maria away...LOVE this story!
6/16/2015 c4 35RipperShipper
I'm so excited you updated! I absolutely love this story and I can't wait to see where you take it. :D
6/16/2015 c4 58gothicbutterfly95
Interesting turn you chose for this chapter.
That part with Liesl was a great way to avoid that scene with Elsa.
And that ending... WOW!
6/16/2015 c4 33augiesannie
Oh, wow. This story makes the case for AU like nothing else I've ever read. Favorite parts: "only the children" (great repurposing), the retelling of the Laendler (although you let G off the hook for his indifferent treatment of Maria), the rewritten history of Elsa coming to her bedroom. And oh, yes, the "longest hottest release" - YUM. It's all close enough to the story we love be recognizable and far enough away to be deliciously entertaining. I like the way that you give us some insight into what is going on in each of their minds. I am still worried about what lies ahead for them once G leaves on his trip.
6/16/2015 c4 28Mie779
Wow I honestly did a sigh of relief when the scene with Elsa was interrupted by the children... ;) oh and the end... OMG... hot and passionate, wonderful job ladies... want more... ;)
6/16/2015 c4 TheBeeStings
I'm really enjoying this story! Great tension! I love how their situation in this story makes the sexual tension in the dance that much more awesome! Can't wait to read what you have coming up next.
6/16/2015 c4 donnymad
What can I say? Another fabulous chapter am loving this story and can't wait for more xxx thank you
6/15/2015 c3 33augiesannie
Great chapter - keeping up the romantic and sexual tension, something tells me there are tough times ahead for our couple!
6/9/2015 c3 BrittanyLS
I cannot wait for more of this!
6/5/2015 c3 Maria
But ... she loves him too. :)
6/5/2015 c1 2patrickssong
I apologise profusely for not reviewing this sooner.
-First thing, I love that Maria isn't shying away from this type of intimacy with the Captain. When emotions run rampant, so do hormones. But at the same time, she also retains her modesty afterwards without becoming a frightened little lamb
-Poor Captain, will be ever forgive himself for anything? I love the line about the children forgiving him, but the Captain not being able to erase it from his memory bank. So well written.
6/3/2015 c3 10SassyKinglet21
I love this story! I need more! Gimme gimme gimme! Hehe Fantastic job! Keep it up!

6/1/2015 c3 1mvtfan
Love this! Anxious for the next part!
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