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for Pain and Passion

5/21/2015 c1 TheBeeStings
I love repurposed dialogue, very clever! And the bit about her being his new harbor was just a lovely turn of phrase.

And the captain should perhaps have listened to himself s little more carefully about Franz...nice foreshadowing ;)

Such a scandal! I can't wait to see what happens when they have to face one another over breakfast.
5/20/2015 c1 chakochick
squeeeeee! Love getting notifications from you! GREAT story starter! Love how you incorporate lines from the movie...can't wait for more!
5/19/2015 c1 34thoroughlymodernJulie
I am so stoked for this story. Eight years, I've waited. I'm so glad you're the one that's going to give it a go!

I'm glad to see that mutual attraction is set up and that this affair came to be running on high emotions and a desire to comfort... it's the only way I could see this kind of a story being justified without going off a cliff. Sure, it could happen other ways, but I'd lose a lot of respect for Georg along the way, as that would most likely be on him more than on her. It's equal here, and sets the balance appropriately for what's to come. Thank you! Can't wait to read more!
5/19/2015 c1 26Mie779
great story... loved it, hot and passionate... will there be more?
5/19/2015 c1 24charleybec
Hot, sexy, delicious! What more can I ask for? Oh yeah, that's right... keep going! Wonderful! I'm so glad you decided to post this and to make a longer story out of the sexy writing prompt. I can't wait for more! Great job!
5/18/2015 c1 58gothicbutterfly95
Yay first comment.
That was truly something Denise!
Well done
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