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10/26/2015 c1 Guest
PLEASE update! I dying to know what happens!
10/28/2015 c11 15ThePoorDidntWantThisOne
Aww...who doesn't love sweet G jumping in to take care of all the ladies in house. I really liked the scene with G and the girls. We rarely get "fatherly" type scenes done as well as this one is! Loved it!

And lol, the Captains line about the doctor probably already knowing she had been in his bed...fabulous and funny!

The spooning at the end after his nightmare, sigh. Wonderful touch. I loved it all!
10/28/2015 c11 26Mie779
So happy that everything is okay with Maria and the baby... do hope that Liesl and Louisa will mend hearts with Maria... but I'm sure they will... it was just a BIG surprise for them... can't wait to read the next chapter
10/27/2015 c11 2patrickssong
Terrific chapter which ties a number of issues and brings things out to the surface. Really, really impressed with how you have written this as these types of chapters are difficult to write.

I adore Georg in this. So caring and compassionate and such a sweetheart. "I will do anything for you." so much squee...

Maria worrying about propriety because of being in Georg's bed and I love Georg's cheeky response.

I love Georg taking charge with the girls, especially Louisa. And I think you really keep both girls in character. I can imagine gentle, sweet Liesl being remorseful about her treatment of Maria, and I can certainly imagine Louisa's stubbornness. I liked Louisa pushing the point with her father to add to the drama "but rumours are lies. This isn't a lie, is it?" I still have a bad feeling about Louisa, like she hasn't finished giving the adults grief about the situation! Such a tease.

Poor Georg, sleeping in the room of the help and having bad dreams about his. But I love the final two line. Very sweet and the way in which she subconsciously nestles into him is just gorgeous.

Thank you :)
10/27/2015 c11 35lemacd
glad maria's ok, sorry louisa is being a wretched teenager (though kinda understandable). lovely.
10/27/2015 c11 24charleybec
This was a wonderful chapter - the way Georg took care of Maria, he's such a romantic and caring guy! Oh and I loved his comment (although it made Maria cry) "Maria, you're carrying my child. I'm fairly certain the doctor knows you've been in my bed before." LOL. I am glad Maria is Ok (and the baby too) and yay for bedrest - she certainly needs it! I liked Georg's conversation with Louisa and Liesl (Louisa has a feisty attitude about her - love it!). But finally I loved how Georg goes to sleep in Maria's room, wakes up, panics, then goes back to his own room to be with Maria. (Do I sense some sexy time coming next chapter? I hope so! Please, please, please!) Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/27/2015 c11 donnymad
Another lovely chapter - poor Maria xxx
10/26/2015 c11 chakochick
Yikes! Quite a scare. I like the way our Captain handled the girls...but will there be more to it, I wonder? Loving this story...bravo!
10/26/2015 c11 58gothicbutterfly95
Love it!
The way he was so caught up in making sure she was okay that his mouth ran away with him, the talk with the girls (which was VERY realistic in my opinion), getting a doctor who knows the family, him giving her his bed while she rests, that moment with the dream, which made him realise he can't be away from her, the ending...SIGH!
It's all wonderful.
10/18/2015 c10 35lemacd
many apologies for a late review. like you said, life etc.

this chapter is chock full of drama! i kinda have a secret fondness for the idea that louisa would be the trouble child that never really embraces her stepmother. not sure why, but i like a little bit more tension in the family so it's not always singing and mountain picnics, maybe. so that... love.

you left a mighty cliff hanger, though... now everyone is going to know. lots of explaining to do. but of course, we have to HAVE TO find out if maria and the baby will be ok. because as much as i like a rebellious stepdaughter, i don't wish that kind of guilt on her.

wonderful story telling, as always. hope life lets you write because this story is quite gripping.
10/15/2015 c10 Guest
Love the story! PLEASE update!
10/13/2015 c10 33augiesannie
Oh, dear. Tough times for the von Trapps. Interesting idea, to explore how the whole thing might have looked from the children's POV - I hope they calm down fiery Louisa soon!
Loved the little details of how they must keep Maria's pregnancy secret. And the Hail Marys line was adorable!
Great update! loving this story.
10/10/2015 c10 Guest
I hope she will not lose the baby :(
Can't wait for another chpater!
10/12/2015 c10 2patrickssong
nd the angst-o-meter goes up! Was certainly not expecting this little turn of events. I like the way you wrote the awkwardness of trying to hide Maria's pregnancy; Gretl sitting on her lap, the numerous jumpers she has to wear. It makes it all on edge some how. And of course giving it that tantalising touch of scandal in the laundresses whispering and Louisa's classmates creating trouble.

I laughed at the ten Hail Marys just for a night alone. That was very clever. And the little sexy time scene on the terrace was just delicious. I can imagine how incredibly difficult it would be for them and I'm sure things would have gone to the bedroom if the girls had not have shown up.

I love Louisa's fire. There were many times I wanted to punch mouthy girls out at school!

But the last paragraph were just sentences of pure suspense. I was knocked sideways at the direction you took it, so bravo! If the girls had of walked on to the terrace moments earlier, they would have been in for an even greater shock!

I love that at the end of the day, Liesl's concern and love for Maria still shines through. I guess the servants will be gossiping in the morning!

A wonderful chapter, and a terrific left turn. Cannot wait to see what you have in store next:)
10/11/2015 c10 24charleybec
This was fabulous! Love, love loved it!

Firstly how you showed the passage of time so easily (yay! only 1 week until the wedding). Then poor Lousia with hearing all sorts of rumours about Maria and Georg. I loved how you tackled this (i.e. the children finding out via rumours), especially since us writers who are obsesses with M and G sexy time sometime s(and i'm just talking about me now) tend to get swept up in the romance of our couple, but yet don't think too much about what the children would have thought of M and G's relationship. So the girls are heading downstairs, but da da daaa! what are they going to find?

Poor maria trying to hide her growing bump (poor girl having to wear all those extra jumpers, she must have been so hot!) I loved M and G in his study - I just love you write our couple together - so romantic! and kisses on the terrace! yay for kisses! LOVE! That entire scene was so swooney!

Oh Louisa and Liesl! Louisa running off, Liesl confronting Maria - so dramatic! But then (and I hadn't seen this coming), Liesl spinning around and Maria losing her balance and tumbling down the stairs.

Oh no! what's going to happen? I need updates, like yesterday! Tell your real life to go away, I need you writing NOW! LOL!
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