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for Pain and Passion

7/9/2015 c6 58gothicbutterfly95
Dun dun dun!
Again, I'm cheering and cringing at the same time.
Can't wait for more
7/6/2015 c5 gothicbutterfly95
How can I be cringing and cheering for Maria at the same time?
Oh that's right. Because this is such a fabulously written story.
Can't wait for more.
7/3/2015 c5 33augiesannie
OH no! It was too easy, too simple, wasn't it? And I fear that Georg's absence is about more than a simple brief business trip.
Even though I should have seen it coming because of a Proboards discussion, loved the cliffhanger of sorts at the end...
Great chapter!
7/2/2015 c5 2patrickssong
Like everyone else, I love the early morning lovemaking. It is so sweet and yummy. They are going to miss each other immensely. I can feel the lightness in Maria's heart. Her man loves her and she is going to accept his proposal.

But oh no, things are never as clear-cut as they seem, are they? Really looking forward to see what you have for us in the next instalment :)
7/1/2015 c5 28Mie779
this just keeps getting better and better... wonder what will happen now... kinda feel that this last lines will have some significance in the future ;) keep the updates coming ;)
6/29/2015 c5 Maria
Hello baby carriage!
6/28/2015 c5 6chakochick
6/28/2015 c5 15ThePoorDidntWantThisOne
Dum da dum dum...Poor Maria... I pretty sure I know what's wrong with her :)

This was just terrific. Hot and sweet and charming. I loved the line about "leaving her in command". What a cute way to call back to that line and demonstrate the prorgess they have made together since they played this scene last! Brilliant :)
6/27/2015 c5 1mvtfan
Uh-oh, she's pregnant! Can't wait for the next part!
6/27/2015 c5 10SassyKinglet21
The only thing I hate about your story is when I finish a chapter and I have to wait lol. Great update! Keep it up!

6/27/2015 c5 35lemacd
hope the captain hurries home... great chapter. lovely writing, your chapters always flow so nicely and are so easy to get lost in. i particularly like how natural it feels for them to wake together, to be with one another.
6/27/2015 c5 24charleybec
YAY! A new chapter! Maria and Georg waking together was so sweet and sensual and i'm so glad you gave them more TIME for early morning sex, which was so hot that my brain has been a pile of goo for a day now! And I'm pleased that Maria is going to accept his proposal when Georg get home (if he ever gets home - Georg come back soon!) But tiredness, sore breasts? Oh my... I think I know where this is going... da da DAAAA!

Great chapter darling, can't wait for the next one!
6/17/2015 c4 Maria
So... the Baroness goes follows Maria to scare her into leaving the Villa and then that night Maria stays with the Captain? Very interesting... Post more quickly! Please! I wanna know what happens to the Baroness!
6/19/2015 c4 charleybec
This was super great. Firstly the scene on the terrace between Maria and Georg, wonderful little bit of flirting. Yum. Then wonderful how you re-connected with the film with repurposing the scenes from the party. But I loved how you deviated at the scene with the Baroness coming into Maria's room - very clever having that scene happen but then "not happen" with Maria having to rush out to tend to Louisa.

But what I really, really liked was the end of the chapter, where Maria came down to Georg's office. Wow! This was so so SO sexy, as they came together finally (loved all those kisses). And the "stay with me tonight?" swoon! I did think for a moment that she might have said no, but I'm very pleased she said yes (and I was very pleased to read how he locked the door. because you know, we wouldn't want anyone uh... catching them, right?).

Loved the description of how he placed his medals away and then the abandon at which he undressed (and undressing Captain, yes please!) I loved how he undressed her, then her request to see him. Then the description of their lovemaking was just perfect!

I can't wait to read what happens next. Wonderful chapter, great job!
6/17/2015 c4 10SassyKinglet21
! Loved it! I can't wait for more!

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