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for What They Wouldn't Do

8/14 c44 lydiavip
That cliffhanger! Best writing yet!
8/4 c44 Fan6571
I've read the whole story in an incredible short amount of time because I couldn't stop reading.
It's just great! You are writing every single person just right, all of their feelings and struggling, their strengths and weaknesses. It's amazing to read, (easy for once, since I'm not a native speaker) and beyond thrilling.
Moreover the storyline actually does make sense, which i really love. Do you have any advice for setting up such a complex and long storyline without repeating all over again? Do you plan it in advance (or more precise: how much do you plan in advance?) or does it come to you while writing?
Also I love the character developments which you let the characters evolve. The are acutally growing, which is a major thing for keeping the tense between them high and interesting. The slow burning story does work out very well for me - it feels just way more natural.
I will take a look at (and look for) other content from you as well, do you have any listed content of stories you personally love and would suggest from other writers? Meaning also big ones, with several chapters.

Much Love and ah huge thank you and I'm so looking forward to the next chapter!
8/2 c44 2anelson21
Girl... GIRL this was such a good chapter. And if you struggle writing action scenes it certainly doesn't show. This story is low-key the only reason I still have this app and I eagerly await an update
7/27 c44 Guest
please update soon,,, i am deprived and check almost everyday!
7/27 c44 Barbyhouse12
Update plsssss
7/16 c44 Ignisaraignee
This book is perfect? It’s the best realistic daredevil romance and I love how they get their sweet moments, but also how understanding she is and how she sticks up for him. The slow burn was totally worth it and made their relationship healthier to wait and build it slowly, it’s just all amazing. Sarah is the perfect person for Matt, with her flaws and job she understands him and accepts all of him and it’s lovely.
7/14 c44 Guest
Daredevil is one of my favorite show and Charlie Cox is my favorite actor and I have been reading this for a while and damn this is the best fanfic I've ever read, the attention to detail and character arc is so beautiful and amazing. I don't want to exaggerate but this is the only good thing happening in my life now, so please don't stop writing. You are very talented. 10/10.
7/13 c44 33DarkMousyRulezAll
And IIIIII'm back again babey! Just like I said yesterday on the last chapter's review! And MAN rereading this chapter again still hits so hard! Let's get into the review!

holy shit where to begin? My thoughts are still so jumbled. Knowing the twist at the end, I love how the men who burst in the previous chapter said "and S-" since you think "Sarah" but don't think about the "s" sound in "Cecilia." It's such a wonderful small detail that makes rereading that much more exciting.

And I did initially have the flutter to think it'd be Dex but also that wouldn't happen so quickly and throwaway like that for his character, and the Impostor thing is still an excellent vehicle to work with. (when Jason was looking through those photos in the earlier chapter, I initially thought he was looking at photos for people who could be Daredevil, like if he found out Matt's identity. But then it became a bit more likely he was looking for setups, and the previous chapter confirmed that haha).

Of course Sarah and Cecilia hide in the clown art room. Of course. XD I love how Cecilia also immediately knows the fake isn't Matt since she's been obsessed with him for her stories. (It's like Elektra says, you can't mask that ass! When you Know it's him, you Know! there's a Vibe he has haha) But to a point I'll bring up again later, I love how Sarah knows due to the lack of the head tilt. That little detail is very Matt if you know Matt as a person and his little quirks. Cecilia knows it's not him based on her research and coverage and his attitude, but Sarah knows by knowing Matt and that's just so good.

Also, Cecilia barely having the brain cell today, please have an ounce of self preservation and common sense, don't go running off all willy nilly!

Separate note, I adored the whole fight-flashback-fight-flashback thing with Sarah and the thug and going back to a training session with Matt. Absolutely loved it. Especially that last one with the hair pulling ghdhgd how it wasn't strictly educational since it got...distracting haha. But everything worked! And Sarah won the fight! Hell yeah! Slay queen! I love all of the details in the fight, how she too is getting banged up while hitting all the right things.

I think I'm touching on things out of order. Thoughts are all jumbled, sorry.

The parts with them and Vanessa, her showing her true colors by being 100 percent ready to bail without remorse or regret for people who could use the help, but always being elegant about it. and Pinky Ring being like, ohoho what can Fisk do from prison LOL (Me, knowing how Fisk is building an even stronger empire inside of prison and what he did to Matt just *mentioning* and vaguely threatening to deport Vanessa in Season 2: Oh boy buddy you're going to absolutely get slaughtered)

Matt coming in to save the day and the head tilt detail is so satisfying. I, too, had to hide a smile of elation and relief. Also gotta love the man who will go apeshit on a dude for trying to shoot you :) That little detail of Matt having trouble with his temper when his loved ones are on the line is A. Thank you for including that, hehe.

Meeting up with everyone afterwards! Lauren and Greg are okay! Todd's an asshole as usual! Lauren hugging Matt was something I didn't know I needed to read until I did multiple times and man it's so wholesome.

Cecilia being Cecilia and trying to wheedle out a story instead of exposing the truth, trying to put Sarah on the spot, but man Sarah went galaxy brain smart there. Matt would be proud!

Me, thinking: oh go to hell Cecilia
Fake Daredevil: kills her

Rest in pieces, you mad reporter woman. You may have been the bitch we all loved to hate but even you didn't deserve to go out like that. :P But what a great twist oh man. Leaving the readers thinking oh this is over, back to normal, and then BAM! Fake Daredevil throws you for a loop!

And then he throws you for another loop by shooting everyone with tranquilizer darts! And SARAH! AAAAA I did not expect her to be a victim and right at the end too! MAN. I love how Matt instantly knows before she does. And he's fucking terrified for her, he can't do anything to help besides get her to a hospital. the way he calls her sweetheart my GOD I can just hear Charlie Cox's Matt saying it, see him over her so concerned and desperate and aaaaAAAAAAAAA GOD the last thing she says is you'll blow your cover aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


The story is getting so intense! (As if it hasn't before, haha) and I'm loving every second of it! I can't wait, but I know I can, but...still I have to know what happens next! My goodness!

This chapter had just a couple weird paragraph spacing bits like the last one, but the small typos that are present in the previous chapter were nonexistent as far as I could tell from this read. All in all, as always, hella great writing, super engaging from beginning to end. Seeing the emails for this story updating give me a huge boost of serotonin, and given this story's stats, I know I'm not the only one haha.

Take your time, get some rest, give your new kitty all the love. No stress, no rush. You always do great things.

Until next time, stay awesome.

7/12 c43 DarkMousyRulezAll

I must tell you that I read this chapter immediately when it came out, and I fully intended to write a long, heartfelt review just as quickly, but I didn't and then the days went by and I just let it go. (Then when the next chapter out I thought, oh I'll go back and review that one and then review the next one. Which I also did not do.)

So here we are tonight, when I decided, screw it, I'm rereading the chapter again and ACTUALLY reviewing it this time!

My GOD is it just as great the third read through! I adore this chapter so so much. I love it from beginning to middle to cliffhanger end. Each moment is so wonderfully visualized as always, and have so many lovely character bits.

The top of the chapter with Matt and Sarah late at night, and Matt's feeling all guilty for waking her after a night of patrol but man he loves her so so much and Sarah worrying over him. (Matt you look like you got hit by a car. Oh my god Matt!) The rules ("Um...don't talk about fight club." "Sarah.") bit is also excellent, including the extra rule from Sarah and the reactions it gets from Matt. I could read Matt/Sarah fluff-slash-hurt/comfort for my entire life and never get sick of it. Ugh. So good. Matt gently touching her hands and saying "Precious cargo" lives in my head and my heart rent free. I love him. I love them. so. so much. I think that's been made clear haha.

Sarah in the nursing home visiting her dad! aaaa! my heart! :( Mitch didn't remember the M&M game...but he did recognize her at least, not like that stab in the heart from earlier when she was walking him home and he asked who she was, like OW that still hurts. I think you captured that sense of grief and tragedy that's inherently mingled with warmth and love with the situation like early onset Alzheimer's. Grieving the person who once was and never really will be again, but still savoring the moments of lucidity you still have. And of course Sarah would stay there and risk being late, when might she have this opportunity again?

I died when the old black dress was revealed oh my god. Chekhov's Risque Dress, finally come to call.

Sarah playing on the piano and her singling out Matt in her focus made me imagine that scene from Pride and Prejudice 2005 when Elizabeth and Darcy are dancing and then it's just them, symbolizing they only are focused on each other, and I imagined something like that with Matt and Sarah: her playing and Matt listening to her, like it's just them and nothing else in the world. (It's very late as I write this and I'm getting tired, can you tell? I just love Matt and Sarah so much, this is what you've done with this well-written slow burn ship!)

Interaction with Todd: 10/10 would slap him in the face. Bless Greg for his drunken rescue. The first time I read this I was nearly sure Matt would intervene then, but so glad it was Greg. And then Sarah and Lauren dancing after, very sweet.

Interactions with Vanessa: holy shit, you are so good at writing her. The way she conveys a strange sort of sympathy, always seeming 100% genuine, but you can never really read her, given how much she must have known about Fisk even post-season 1. (Season 3 Vanessa is especially fascinating given this, since she wants to "live in Fisk's world" and call decisions too like. Ma'am he is a criminal kingpin you understand this right. lol)

Dinner! Great! Love the way from Matt's POV he was tuning in and out and the things he picked up on, both interesting and funny (Roth IRA ghdhgf amazing) and standing up for his GIRL yes Matt slay. We stan a feminist king who respects the right of personal boundaries!

The rendezvous with Matt and Sarah away from everyone else was so soft. How they were just there and Sarah was like, this wouldn't be settling? I just want this with you, just being with you, jfc I love you Matt Murdock. and it was so cute how he was all, okay I can't mess up your makeup, so I'll kiss that spot on your neck that you like ;) hehe oh Matt you rascal.

Matt fantasizing about bashing in Todd's face, A plus. 10/10.

I must admit, it was very interesting to sort of see the story from Cecilia's point of view. Of course everything *does* revolve around Sarah, she's the protagonist. But from her perspective, Sarah seems very self-centered and attention-seeking because of everything happening all the time at this point in her life. Cecilia is still a bitch but she has a very valid point there.

And then of course the cliffhanger. good stuff.

It's getting very late and I don't think I'll have the brain cells to reread the latest chapter and post a late review there as well BUT I will preface it in here saying that I did love it just as much oh my god thank you for my entire life. (And yes, as much as I'm nervous to see where the MCU will take our beloved avocado after that showstopping season 3, I was beside myself to see him return in those very brief moments.)

Your writing is impeccable as always (I only noticed a few typos lingering in the wild, and some odd paragraph breaks where there wasn't any space) and forever worth the wait.

Thank you for reading all of this babbling praise. All of it boils down to simply: I adore this story with my entire heart, and it keeps getting better. You've made amazing characters and built upon the existing ones so well. Here's to the rest! Almost there!

Until next time (hopefully tomorrow for the chapter 44 review)! Remember to take breaks and stay hydrated!

7/9 c44 ItsJustMe-94
Holy. Shit.
7/5 c44 ISeePookas
Thank you so much for not quitting on this. This is one of the few fanfictions worth sticking with. I love that your characters are full fleshed with real issues that don't just "resolve" under the influence of true lust. And I love that Foggy is a real person in this story and not just a required mention. Looking forward to the rest, whenever it shows up. :)
7/2 c44 1Protogenoi
6/27 c44 Babr01
Youuu need too uppddaateee NOW pllss
6/26 c44 Guest
I LOVE this story and can’t wait for the next chapter
6/23 c44 Hannah
Been here for so long. I’m so invested. I can’t believe I checked I still check back regularly for these updates. You’re a treasure.
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