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for What They Wouldn't Do

6/11 c44 Guest
I’m loling at the review that is upset that they started reading this 3 weeks ago and now have to wait … heheh try 6 years! You make jt worth the wait! Amazing chapter as always but damn the cliffhanger I hope sarah is okay but my inner angst lover wouldn’t mind some matt angst as we wait for sarah to be okay again xx thanks for not abandoning this story, it’s my favourite ever! hope you and and your new kitty are doing well!
6/10 c44 Juju
Ronan is alive! He’s come back for revenge, and I bet he’s the daredevil imposter too. Great chapter, loved the action and drama.
6/9 c44 3BigBlkDog
Girl, this story is just *chef’s kiss*. I don’t know how many times I’ve reread it. I can’t wait to see how you end up getting it all wrapped up.
6/9 c44 Guest
Great cliffhanger! I knew it was Cecilia they were looking for when she, Sarah, and Vanessa were captured. It made more sense, but I had no idea she’d get thrown off the third floor! I do hope she lives, albeit with a few broken bones. That just seems like too short a drop to be fatal. Perhaps that will motivate her to tell the truth about fake daredevil! I also wonder if Lauren will figure out Matt is daredevil. I doubt he used his cane to reach her after she was shot and surely Lauren noticed this! Bit perhaps not. Perhaps she was worried about Greg in that moment.

Please, please post the next installment soon!
6/6 c44 Rumdevil
Man I started reading this about 3 week ago, now I have to wait! Nooooooo! This is so good please keep it up.
6/6 c44 4MulishaMaiden
Aaahhhhh! That's what my mind was doing this whole chapter! Talk about a rollercoaster! The action was beautiful, Cecilia is a grade a Bitch but damn was not expecting that, but oooo if it wasn't a good twist. And Sarah getting hit at the end! I can not wait to see how Matt goes about this situation.
6/5 c44 LilyDane
Guuurlll what’s going oooonnn that’s a lot!, the ending scene is so cinematic omg I love it !
6/5 c44 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
First off, Matt's self defense lessons with Sarah have definitely been paying off so YAY! Second, I know I should feel worse that Cecelia got dragged into this and unfortunately didn't make it out alive but...meh. I'm definitely looking forward to where Sarah's story goes from here after being drugged and Matt freaking out. They really do need a vacation at some point.
6/5 c44 PruRose
This story is the best thing on fanfiction. God bless you for keep writing it. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/5 c44 9Love.Fiction.2022
Great chapter
6/4 c44 1Pfannkuchen07
Hoooo boy. What an event.
A second ago they were on the landing thingy dancing in the shadows and now this. Truth be told that ending when fake Daredevil had Cecillia? I was like wait what? What a twist omg. Also omg rest in peace. I didnt expect for her to get killed (and in such a gruesome way too.) Dont get me wrong, I love it when things have consequences in books and movies. And the dramatics of the fake daredevil? Just letting her fall from so high up? (in a way it reminded me of that scene in dark knight where the Joker throws Rachel out of the skyscraper lolol)

but anyway I'm really interested in seeing what exactly Jason(?) had planned with the whole thing? Because he's such a crazy sadistic genius that he probably had SOME plans go right despite Matt and Sarah trying their best to not make them happen.

OH AND SARAH. Getting hit by a dart (and the irony of that is really..) and now probably/hopefully not dying but being in the hospital again.. yikes poor girl can't get a break

I just had the thought with Cecillia dying, and her being Laurens cousin and all.. we're probably gonna see more of Lauren's mom again.. I wonder how she'll react seeing as she really liked Cecillia but hates Sarah (and maybe in a crazy way she will makes her death her fault? Either that or she will mallow out, I could see it going either way)

Anyway this was amazing as always, thank you for posting. I appreciate you doing so over the years and having this story be part of my life so long now haha
Have a lovely day~
6/4 c44 7Aria2302
6/3 c44 6lizzybudd


6/3 c44 Ambray
After your A/N I am stumped who is the impersonating Daredevil. I feel like I should have some inkling.

Absolutely love the chapter. It constantly amazes me with every update to realise how far we have come and the development Sarah and Matt have had. Seeing how Sarah reacting sneaking around and the absolute abysmal way Cecelia handled it in comparison - loved it!

That last line from Matt - "I can't handle this on my own" - that got me good.
Can't wait to see what happens :)
6/3 c44 1Aviendha91
Incredible chapter as always! I get so excited when I see an update! I have read this through at least twice. What a cliffhanger though. Please let us see at least the start of what happens next from Matt's POV. To be inside his head when Sarah collapses! How panicked he must be.

Enjoy your new kitten!
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