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6/28/2015 c9 2corinne-la
Ahh the tension and buildup between these two characters is so amazing. I commend you for not rushing into the romance part, which seems to be a downfall for many authors. Just keeps it more interesting that way.
I also loved how you put Matt into a more vulnerable position, she had to be the rescuer. Not that I wouldn't love seeing him return the favor.
And dear Foggy, he is just so the glue that keeps everything normal in this situation. Another awesome chapter. Thank you
6/28/2015 c9 Guest
I kind of love the idea of foggy and sarah being besties. I don't know why, I can just see that working out so adorably. This story is so good. Love it. I can't wait to read more.
6/28/2015 c9 2Joe-Kerr001
This was probably my favorite chapter. I thought Sarah and Matts interaction when he was concussed/normal were really sweet in a strange way. I love how, so far, the main characters aren't head over heels for each other. I feel like Sarah is slowly becoming less terrified around Matt.
Also... I am so nervous Ronan is gonna try something while Matt is out of commission.
6/28/2015 c9 7maysecret
Ok. This is the truth. I am currently on vacation in London on my anniversary and when I saw that there was an update... I sat in the cafe downstairs and read until my husband said we had to do some sightseeing. And then I finished this chapter in the tube. That's how much I look forward updates! When's the next chapter?
6/28/2015 c9 Samara
Hello. I haven't reviewed yet because I was kinda saving my review but here it is now. I have to say I'm really enjoying reading your story. It's very well written. I don't even know how and I finished reading all the chapters haha. :D I don't think that Matt and Sarah's relationship is toxic because I wouldn't even call it a relationship yet. They're just getting to know each other more and they still don't trust each other completely, which is absolutely understandable in their situation. Besides, it's written in the description of the story, ''Eventual Matt/OC'' which simply means that they're not gonna magically fall in love in the third chapter and all is well. Sarah is not a princess waiting for Matt, a knight in a shiny armour, to save her and love her forever. Those who watched the show know that sometimes he has a little trouble controlling his dark side and I'm kinda glad that you explored this side a bit more in your story. I know that some people can get confused by Charlie's innocent puppy cinnamon roll face at times but his character is not that good catholic samaritan kind of guy all the time. And most of all, Hell's Kitchen isn't some Wonderland or what. That place basically screams trouble and crime and I like that your story is all dark and gritty because I can actually feel the vibe from the TV show. Some people just need to chill out a bit is all. I think that this slow build makes it even more realistic and we all should be thankful for that because seriously guys, I don't want it to ever end haha. :D Good luck with the story, ignore the haters and updated soon please. ;)
6/28/2015 c9 Lili009
Another great chapter, can't wait for more :)
6/28/2015 c9 2AugustRrush
Awesome chapter and I can't wait to read more
6/28/2015 c9 13Carlypso
fantastic update
6/28/2015 c9 35kessilover
I'm looking forward to the moment when Matt stops treating Sarah so badly. Though, he'd started acting softly towards her, I'm still waiting for the change of their relation's dynamic...
6/28/2015 c9 NicBarnes
This was such a good chapter! I hope that after all this Matt's gonna get a little more friendly towards Sarah. About the unhealthy relationship thing, damn, they don't even have a friendship yet, chill out people. To me it would be an unhealthy relationship if Matt treated her the way he's treating her now and she accepted that and liked him/saw him as a romantic interest. I don't see this happening. Also, yeah, I always read the reviews :v. And also, Sarah is not a Mary Sue at all. I agree with the other reviewer that also said that Sarah is not one and all that stuff and wrote "fluffy one-shots" on her reviews xD. Great ideas for fluffly one-shots by the way if you're reading this. Anyway. I love this fic soo much! It's my favorite one now and I can't wait for the next chapter. Please, someone has to discover about the devil emoji, haha.
6/28/2015 c9 9Tokala
can I just say that I've been obsessively checking back for this update?! :P
There's so much in this chapter that I loved... Matt waking up and intimidating Sarah because he doesn't get why she's there, him saying he's waiting for Foggy to do the stitches b/c he's concious of how Sarah is afraid of him, him thanking her at the end...I think my fav was him telling her he's not letting her talk to Foggy anymore b/c Foggy's a bad influence on her :D
6/28/2015 c9 12Ani Sparrow
Yay! I enjoyed that chapter. You don't always need action for it to be good.

One thing though, sometimes you will have Sarah nod in response to Matt and he responds in turn. But that's just a little nitpick!
6/28/2015 c9 1aluhsin
Love seeing this side of Matt! "I have you saved as 'Daredevil, AKA Matthew Murdock'" had me rolling! Looking forward to the next chapter, as always :)
6/28/2015 c8 12Ani Sparrow
"I am literally the dumb horror movie girl" - LOL!

Great to see Foggy in this chapter, and for Sarah to get another side of Matt, a more normal side. It will be interesting when Matt wakes though...
6/28/2015 c9 Joyful Jude
So yeah, that was pretty perfect. The interaction between Sarah and Matt was wonderful! They're having real conversations, albeit about continents and nose piercings. I'm pretty sure Foggy wanted to talk to Sarah to check up on her, which is beyond sweet. I foresee an adorable friendship about to bloom. And I have the funniest mental picture of Matt with some random dirty shopping cart in his kitchen. Great job! I'm already going through withdrawals for this story.
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