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for What They Wouldn't Do

6/2 c44 7LeggoMyMeggo92
Aahhhh you are so good at cliffhangers! I hope she will be okay and that everything doesn’t blow up quite yet. Looking forward to your next update!
6/2 c44 1Oottah
Amazing as usual. I couldn't believe it at the end. do not let us with this ending for long please ! i must know !
6/1 c44 emily88034
Another amazing chapter! you are so talented at maintaining the interest and tension and having each chapter have it's own build up and pay off. I am always so impressed by your work.
6/1 c44 56Springflowerangel
Aww must be the cutest tiniest kitty cat~ I luv kitties~

but how COULD you leave us that kind of cliffhanger!? jvsbdvbjikdbikvb I luv it I hope Serah is going to be okay qwq
6/1 c44 KathrannofQuade
Aggghhhhhh... what a cliff-hanger! I've been following this masterpiece for a year now, please update soon! Congratulations on the new kitty!
6/1 c44 1NetteBS
Im in shock
6/1 c44 kayanev
In so much pain
6/1 c44 queen.of.supernatural
You cannot do this to me! I will perish if I don’t get another update soon
6/1 c44 Jerrydamaster
You know what’s a cool fic idea? Daredevil and avatar the last airbender crossover. That would be REALLY cool.
6/1 c44 funhaldo4
Holy smokes! I just really need next chapter! :o
6/1 c44 Jerrydamaster
I need more. This fic is peak quality content. My favorite fic on the app for sure. I love daredevil so much, and you truly make it feel like I’m reading a daredevil comic or watching the show. The risks are high and situations actually make me tense up. Can’t wait for the next chapter
6/1 c44 mad2397
6/1 c44 7maysecret
Ok… I saw you had updated as soon as I got home last night and I was like yes! Now I’m like… nooooo you can’t leave it there. You can’t do this to me. It’s gonna be ages before you update again. But like always. Incredible writing. I also struggle with writing action but this flowed so well. I was able to keep up with the tale you were spinning as it unraveled into this masterpiece. And oh. The ending. I keep rereading it. Please update soon… And yes. I’m still here! I haven’t reviewed the last few chapters because life.. but I’ll be here til the end!
6/1 c44 1OneEyedDevil
I know you said before that this chapter was gonna end with a cliffhanger, but whyyyyyy?Why would you do this to us?!
I guess now I know how readers feel when I end my chapters with cliffhangers.
6/1 c44 1HarriettWithTea
This chapter was amazing, I loved all the character interactions and I did not expect Cecilia being the target, that's such a cool twist!

Very excited for the next one and to see what happens!
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