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6/1 c44 4Hailey-Stone
Hahahahahahahahahaha I KNEW things were too okay, I said to myself, Self, there too much of this chapter left. And I came in here expecting trauma too. Why am I still traumatized when I KNEW there was gonna be trauma, what the HECK.

I'm literally just laughing right now, I really shouldn't have read this literally right after finishing Stranger Things 4 Part 1. I'm fine, this is fine, evERYRHING IS FINE.

I have literally never been distraught over not knowing when you'll update next until now.

~Hailey-Stone, yo
6/1 c44 Collide-in-Space
I loved everything about this chapter especially Badass!Sarah
Thank you for updating and I hope you’re staying safe and healthy! :)
6/1 c44 xoxo
Oh. My god. This has gone so much worse for them than I ever could have imagined. You may not feel great writing action scenes but my god you’re a beast at it. It’s always very riveting and I enjoy the way you do it, but this chapter was on a whole new level. CECILIA?! I’m so glad she finally got to see badass Sarah before she… um. Kicked the bucket, I assume?! AND THE ENDING. AHHHHHH AHAHHHHHHHHHHH

I am going to be thinking about this all day long at work tomorrow. My alarm goes off in three hours and I should be asleep rn but this was SO worth staying up for.
5/31 c44 sophiewhettingsteel
omg you're gonna make me cry. i'm devestated. how is your writing so good. the action was fantastic it was time well spent on it!
5/31 c44 2Books-n-Harleys
Noooo! What's going to happen to our Girl! She was kicking ass with Matt so well in this chapter! Oh God this will ruin him if she is permanently hurt by this attack! Ooh I hope she'll be okay! She can't die! Not after everything she's been through!
5/31 c44 Lightworm for Life
No! Not the cliffhanger! You are evil!
But seriously, I loved this chapter. When I saw the notification, I clicked on it so fast! I can't wait to see what happens next. Hopefully Sarah is okay!
5/31 c44 4howdymercury
Ah welcome back! If there’s any excuse that’s a good one it’s a kitten! Can’t wait for morethis was such drama my jaw DROPPED.
5/31 c44 WinchesterDixonBros
You just had to end it there! Ugh I know Sarah will pull through but ugh
5/31 c44 Rogue Reader
Thanks for the update! Poor Matt and Sarah :(
5/31 c44 bigfootsmall
You really love dramatic cliffhangers.
5/31 c44 nerdalertwarning
I swear to god if we have to wait two months for the next update I might DIE

Such a great chapter. The drama. The angst. The tension! PERFECT. So excited for some Matt/Sarah fluff
5/28 c43 Silverarrow27
I loved this chapter, very excited for the action scenes next chapter and more matt/sarah interactions. I hope everything’s going well in your rl.
5/25 c43 fluff
i just discovered this like three days ago and i spent all of that time binge-reading this because it is so good and i’ve been on the edge of my seat every chapter…also seriously so impatient for matt and sarah to finally DO IT loli’m not sure with how frequently you update this but just know i’ll be checking everyday hoping there’s a new chapter because i am so hooked!i love the way you write the detail and how you describe the way matt’s senses work when you can’t rely on his eyes. This was even more exciting for me because i have only watched daredevil up to season one (twice) and then i got hooked onto this and couldn’t put it down so it was very gripping when i didn’t know what would happen next like at all.

just pls know that this is lovely and amazing and precious and if i had to give you stars i’d give you 10 out of 5 it’s so good️️️️️️️️️️
5/20 c43 la.tllnr
Soo I just finished reading this story for like the third time. And omg it is still my absolutely favourite story I am so soo excited for the next chapter
5/18 c41 25DBhawkguy30
Please, please post soon! I'm finished rereading for a third time and probably gonna start again lol love this story so much.
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