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for What They Wouldn't Do

3/19 c43 Jerrydamaster
Before I read the last chapter, I just wanna say this is without a doubt one of my most FAVORITE fics on this site. Definitely top 3. And I read and explored MANY fandoms, but this fic is something special. You are an amazing writer, lots of talent and a wild imagination and the plot twists you make get me hooked like no other writer can. You PERFECTLY portrayed daredevil and Sarah felt like an actual real life person with real life struggles, which makes it easy to connect with her in many ways and feel what she feels. I loved your decision to have him canon in the MCU but to also keep the story grounded. Perfect decision. I can’t wait to see what else you have in stored for this amazing story. This story needs FAR more attention and love.
3/18 c43 Guest
Dude I'm so happy this fic is still continuing, ive read it like twice in the past month
3/17 c43 highwayblues1
I. am. so. upset. with. you.


damn. what a chapter. so excited to read the next one!
3/15 c43 10Misery's-Toll
So I just finished reading this chapter for the 2nd time, and it's like you wrote it for me personally. It's got all the things in it besides Mouse! (Oh heck, is Mouse okay after all the gasoline?) It's got Sarah's dad AND a mention of her mother, the wildly inappropriate dress, a slow dance with Matt Murdock, and a good session of sexy stitching, along with the much desperately awaited fundraiser. So many good things.

I am now completely convinced upon my 2nd read that Hummer man was going to say Cecilia's name, not Sarah's. I can't read other people's reviews to see if others are thinking the same thing cuz I still haven't seen the new Spider-Man, but I'm curious! There's that random guy just staring at Cecilia that Sarah bumps into, Cecilia pounced on that opportunity to talk with Vanessa and didn't want to say anything about why in front of Matt, and then again what I said in the PM about your wording and Cecilia's declaration that SHE had to get out of there. She has certainly gotten herself into some kind of trouble! I wonder if she blames Sarah's attention-seeking behavior for whatever her personal sticky pickle is, hence the earlier tirade in the bathroom.

Unrelated, I feel like you intentionally used the word "sidle" when describing Vanessa's actions at one point, bc she canonically likes that word. I appreciate this.

I'll have to write an additional PM later about how thrilled I was for the inappropriate dress slow dance with tux-Matt because I've been begging for this scene for literally years at this point, cuz my lunch break is ending. But oh lordy am I ready for the next chapter!
3/15 c43 1Oottah
as usual your writing is amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter! thanks !
3/14 c43 drainednerves
I would have cried if the thing with the dress happened to me. Just immediately burst into tears because I'd expected to wear a long dress and wouldn't have shaved my legs
3/14 c43 INeedSleep
Thank you for the new excellent chapter! We’ve missed you :’) I just want Sarah and Matt to be safe and happy is that too much to ask? *screams at the sky* even against all odds I would’ve loved loved loved to see Matt punch Todd in the face. Also I love how Cecilia is just seething at Matt and Sarah and the fact that she can’t have everything. I wonder if there’ll be some bonding between cecilia and Sarah during their (I assume) kidnapping by an (I assume) fake Daredevil?
3/13 c43 fabyme1
Welcome back! As always it was worth the wait.
So the fundraiser finally arrived and it didn't disappoint. I was stressing myself out thinking that Sarah wouldn't be able to perform, but she did! And we also got Greg and Lauren being the all time fav married (and drunk) couple and mean Cecilia through the entire night...thanks so much for that! I loved the dialogs and the chance for Matt to mingle among the fancy people in a tuxedo.
I'm really really glad to know we won't have to wait several months for an update...but even if we do, I'm completely sure it'll be worth the wait again, as always.
3/13 c43 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
I full on appreciate that Sarah is being the better person here to Cecelia, who is acting like high school never ended with her entitled attitude, but can't Cecelia just get slapped at some point?! I know SOMEONE has to want to slap her for something. I'm glad to see that Matt and Sarah got to have a nice moment together all dressed up and acting somewhat "normal" even though normal is so overrated when dating a hero/vigilante!
3/12 c43 nalagirl560
I'm dying oh my god I'm literally going to die i need to know what happens next! I love this story so much
3/12 c43 KORKI
Oh my god I'm going to cry! I'm so glad you are still here. This story means so much for me.
I really want to thank you for this. This is a bad times here where I live. We have war almost in the neighbourhood, still listening news, still thinking about it. But for one day (no...two days...) I can think about something else. I find out that you updated your story in the morning and I was thinking about it all day and can't wait to lay down in the bed in the evening and read.
Thank you again for it. You are amazing author. I think the best I read. Not just in daredevil universe. I love you!
3/12 c43 Guest
YAY YOURE BACK! An amazing chapter as always, can’t wait for part 2 of the fundraiser!
3/11 c43 4MulishaMaiden
The pure excitement I feel whenever I see an update for this story is crazy. I am so not ready for it to end even though we've been on this journey for 5 years now! Fluffy Matt and Sarah scenes make my heart so full. Them dancing and flirting was probably my favorite part aside from Matt sticking up for Sarah to Cecilia.
And I mean how amazing was No Way Home!? That little glimpse of Matt made me audibly squeal in theatre.
Can't wait for thr next chapter. As always, you're just one of the best writers to grace us with a wonderful story.
3/10 c43 1DefZeppelin
talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same. Wow. I was so happy to see a new chapter I almost keeled over. I’m glad your back and I can’t wait to read the next part! You outdo yourself with every installment and I think I speak for everyone reading when I say AHHHHHHH when this ends I think I might actually cry
3/10 c34 nerdalertwarning
There better be an epilogue with CABIN FLUFF PLEASE. Matt experiencing quiet for the first time? Matt and Sarah in a cabin? The tension?
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