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for You Touch My Soul

8/15 c22 ayowe
Awww...are you not going to continue this story? Why? :(
10/30/2016 c22 Melyway
Is Naruto alive?
10/18/2016 c21 2naruhinakiralacus
Wow! Just read your story for the first time and I find it really good! I'm curious how Naruto is going to get rescued? Looking forward to next chapter!
11/30/2015 c16 fairyninja73
please update soon
7/21/2015 c1 Guest
dammmm...loved it so touching good work like oc of all characters keep it up
...pls dont let them split. all the best
7/14/2015 c15 sasunaru4ever
Omg! Naru-chan so cuteeee.. sleeping after a confession lol..
I'm glad those two lovebird cleared all the misunderstanding #sigh
I hate Hinata you know, but after seeing she help pushing Naru-chan to the right path, maybe she not so bad afterall #grin
And I really love Fuga-daddy here.. He's so protective and gentle
I can't with for the next chap
7/13/2015 c15 Guest
Wahhh! So cute! I'm so relieved that Baruto and Sasuke finally admitted their feelings for one another . FINALLY! Haha! Awesome update and please update soon!
7/14/2015 c15 ForgottenAutumnReign
3 cute!
7/13/2015 c15 Wild Wolf of White
6/23/2015 c14 Guest
More chapters pretty please with Ramen on top XD
6/23/2015 c14 4VongolaDecima
Ok this is just soooo messy. I know this is for plot related reasons but ugh...it hurts me everytime.
1. Sasuke clearly stated that he has someone that he likes, so why is Naru getting upset when that someone could be (is) him since he's damn near always around him?
2. Since Naru is always around Sasuke, I don't think Sasuke has the time to date anybody (sespecially since the one he wants is always around him).
3. Yes yes, Naru may have some serious self doubt and yeah maybe he misunderstood what Sasuke said in the interview but he didn't have to avoid him. That makes everything worse and look what's happening!
6/22/2015 c14 Wild Wolf of White
OMG i was ready to kill when you said it was the end OO
I'm so glad its not. Don't do that you almost gave me a heart attack.
Anyway that was a great chapter Plz update soon XD
6/22/2015 c14 chibi monsta
Nooooo! Why? How could you... now both of them will avoid each other... im bawling here T_T
I wonder how much more sasuke can the before he jumps naruto hehehe!
6/18/2015 c13 Guest
More chapters pretty please with Ramen on top XD u left me hanging whats the gift XD
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