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9/18 c25 AllTooTaylorSwift
Really love the book! Only like 4 more chapters left!I love the part about the lyrics that Taylor writes because it is so true! People don’t give her the credit! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
6/10 c29 VryUnique
Thanks for sharing your story. It's one of my favorites. It's a very enjoyable read without too much angst. This is my second time reading it. Thank you.
6/10 c27 VryUnique
They should have addressed the rumors of Bella being Edward's beard. Other than that it was pretty good.
6/10 c26 VryUnique
I think they should put on sunglasses and put ear buds in their ears when dealing with the paparazzi. Why bother yelling questions at people who can't even hear you? They would get the message eventually, word would spread.
Loving the story. I have read it before so I. Just enjoying it again.
6/9 c22 VryUnique
5/27 c22 GorGirl
Aw. He says the nicest things!
5/27 c19 GorGirl
I hope Marcus busts Jane back to the mailroom.
5/27 c16 GorGirl
Haha Jakie!
5/26 c8 GorGirl
Haha! He showed a great sense of humor!
5/26 c7 GorGirl
They're getting along well!
5/26 c3 GorGirl
3/27 c29 1Flora Mile
Ohh so beautiful, love it.
3/8 c13 ruthiegurly
Belward are the sweetest
3/8 c12 ruthiegurly
Am I just a negative Nancy I don’t like Alice and Rosalie they’re too nosey. Embry also gets on my nerves but I love Edward and Bella and the story so far (:
12/1/2018 c29 Kesme
Freaking Love Embry...so funny Edward finally admitted his love xP
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