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7/8/2016 c11 seraphina987
Oh I just discovered this story today and it's great
Please don't discontinue it
I want to know what happens next
7/11/2015 c10 KnowInsight
7/9/2015 c10 3MajorFangirlInHere17
OMG I CAN"T WAIT! there needs to be more love for Bruce, and you are doing an amazing job at that
7/9/2015 c10 11cinti.linda
i loved bruce
6/27/2015 c9 cinti.linda
i loved
6/14/2015 c9 KnowInsight
Wow just wow
6/12/2015 c8 Transformers' BABY
Please update story is awesome
6/9/2015 c8 4HawiianChick12
I mean sick
6/9/2015 c8 HawiianChick12
those people are sixk
6/5/2015 c8 3BraziaRios
I love this story!
6/5/2015 c8 KnowInsight
Wow, never have I wanted to shoot Ross between the eyes more.

Looking forward to more. _
6/4/2015 c8 XxTheAvengerXxX
A treat, as always, to recieve a new chapter. 3 Can't wait to read what happens next! :D There's some interesting stuff going on. :)
5/30/2015 c7 XxTheAvengerXxX
I feel so spoiled! :D Giving us so many chapters so quickly. You are the fastest fanfiction writer I've come acrossed. It's getting really good! :D
5/29/2015 c7 littlesis
This story just keeps getting better!
5/29/2015 c7 KnowInsight
Just boes to show you do not need to me an altered erosion of human to be a monster.
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