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10/18 c129 tobechukwuubani5
Because it's kinda obvious to me that he's still refusing to accept the truth. That the guys nothing but a spy And he's obviously refusing to accept the truth. That he was the one who destroyed Kanzaki. It's kinda of stupid, imagine break here is blind to the truth.. And keeps making ups worthless assumptions. That doesn't make any sense.. He's completely unstable.
10/18 c129 tobechukwuubani5
I worry for his stupidity
9/25 c112 tobechukwuubani5
and refusing to face the truth of Jason being a spy and manipulative bastard
9/25 c112 tobechukwuubani5
I love it when Touma is ridiculed. Honestly in this story I hate his blindness to peace
6/18 c131 Guest
It’s been 1 YEAR since this story been last updated and I’ve enjoyed this series a lot I reread it 3 times, keep up the great work when ever you get around to writing this story again. On a side note I kind of wanted to see a chapter of Kuroko and Jason going on a double date with Touma and Kongou before the whole betrayal thing happen, I think that would have been really funny but oh well.
6/16 c131 3last admiral
WAIT, DONT END YET! YOU havent done proper on the harem yet on various characters and develope it further, like you know, have the harem members further meet each others and get to know each others, including the Freebird(?) lady that just joined it albiet not officially yet. please dont end, we need good Touma harem fic in this fandom... T_T
4/22 c131 kamenriderzio218
Great chapter and hope to read the next chapter soon
3/30 c8 kamenriderzio218
Wait, how is worst here?
3/19 c131 last admiral
When the next update? please update
1/3 c31 time king zi-o
let me guess, Jason abilty is based of zato-one abilty from guilty gear. not only the shadow is sentient but it's also have some magic in it
12/11/2022 c1 Darkwin
this is longer than the bible and the quran combined damn
12/8/2022 c1 7JDog2K
Hey I don’t know how long till you see this but i recently came up with a new arc for my story called Hypnos Dream and it involves Touma being entrapped in a dreamworld where he lives out some of Index Canon, and other Index related fanfics and I look to reference your story in one of the sequences, also I hope you can check out my Foxy Cater(Rebirth) fic sometime
12/2/2022 c131 GunsAndMagic
Wow, this all is coming together so neatly! I am wondering if Jason was smart enough to ask Teitoku to create clones of Jason himself and the original is in hiding. But maybe not, lol.
I am also wondering when the 'not sharing info' thing is going to come back to bite them. Touma literally just yelled at Carissa about that a few chapters ago.
All in all, this is amazing and I am so excited to read the final arc!
11/15/2022 c131 Lightning1425
I've recently read this and I really enjoy this fanfic of yours. There's a couple of things that I like such as Kamijou getting involved with ITEM, Mugino being part of the harem, and the Level 6 shift. There's just a lots.

However, the last couple of chapters has been falling off, for me at least. Not to say the plot is bad because I'm still looking forward it. Part of the reason I say this is because of the romance. I really can't enjoy the harem route, like... I skip those parts. In a way, my reason is the same as Kamijou. And it almost feel like all the romantic development has been for nothing. If the situation is the same as Jason, Uiharu and Shirai, then that's okay because the number isn't big. But with Kamijou, it's not the same. Mikoto never said anything about wanting to be a part of it, and there are times she's disagree with the idea but then she goes along with it after Kamijou considers it. I know she respects that but I would say she's still not going along with it. Something just doesn't feel right.

Another big reason is I saw you commenting on a reviewer saying you want to make Kamijou a man before the story ends. That's actually a big turn off. I'll give the benefit of doubt that I misread it. But let's say you humor me, then I don't think I can handle this anymore. Most people always like to include those kind of things but to me, just a big no. And with the direction you're going, the harem route, that's painting an even worse picture. I really don't understand why people like to include those things. But, if you made it in a way that it happens AFTER Kamijou married, then yeah I can handle that. They're married so obviously it's okay for them to. Just, no sex before marriage.

Okay, I'm rambling too much. This is your story so you can do what you want. It's up to me whether I wanna accept and torture myself or just leave as it is. The story haven't finished yet so things can happen. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
8/18/2022 c20 gabedane
yep, genderbending mid-story still makes me uncomfortable, bothered me even more than the first time I read this part of the arc.
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