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8/29/2020 c127 ReyKingKaiser
I don't know what to think Jason is a very important character in the fic so I'd bet he's not dead and this Jason was just a trick, even so F for Stiyl, Now not even Anna Spregel saves him
8/28/2020 c127 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
8/28/2020 c127 4Anime-ted Life116
shit, posted accidentally.

This chapter is pretty informative. Especially concerning the top brass of espers and Touma. I feel like Jason is actually trying to summon the dragons to control them. Just, not they way everyone is thinking about. A magic circle concerning Touma? I sense power ups coming the way of everyone involved in the new Kamijou faction.

Saten powered up, Accelerator and Mikoto have access to their level 6 forms, Misaki and Meltdowner have touched their level 6 forms. Uiharu got access to the network known as the Kiharas(small part), and the magic side has also powered up. In various ways.

Kanzaki got turned to stone, but what's to say that the plan is to actually make her stronger? In the grand scheme of things, it looks like all the people around Touma, and those connected to those around him, are getting power ups in different forms.

Is Jason a triple-agent? He is a Kihara after all.
8/28/2020 c127 Anime-ted Life116
Ah shit. Jason's dead. Yippee for Academy City, yeah.

...and then the world goes boom.

Hah, this is the climax of Jason's life! He betrays and betrays, helps and helps, and fights and fights. When it all boils down to it, he gets killed because of one irrational boy 14plus years old. Sometimes, Stiyl does pretty smart things, sometimes he does pretty stupid shit. Like when he attempted to stop Index via extreme force.

This is the end of the lap of this series. A good one, with lots of harem antics. It would be sad when it ends. Would there be a sequel?

RIP Jason. He ded.
8/27/2020 c126 FrodoFighter
So, its been a while but here I am.
So, what happened in this chapter? A lot yet almost nothing. A lot of arguing about the parameter list and the social consequences that come from revealing it existance (though in this ff we also "know" it is not omnipotent as Jason managed to level Saten up) aka riots and general unrest particulary from the lower level Espers. Also explosions, which are cool but not fitting for the occasion.
Some other stuff that happened is that the gang now learns of the destruction of Jason's appartment via grenade and they learn about some of his machinations. Die, Jason you piece of shit. Like studying the Level 5s, in particular their increase in "stability", in this case probably mental stability, which relates also to their ability to access higher levels of power than "just" Level 5. This relates most to the females, obviously. Also they learn about his involvement in getting Accel into Touma's class and making Kami #8 Lvl5.
Also Touma is called to help Mikoto with her parameter list and therefore shunning related depression. And he does it like any good boyfriend should. A lot of hugging. Good boy.
Also Stiyl is called to muder Jason, which I approve 100%.

"There were only ten minutes left in the school day and Touma was looking forward to hearing that bell." - Ah yes, the important 10 minutes before school out. Or only two times five minutes. Or 10 times one minute. Or 20 times 30 seconds or however I used to split that time to make it go faster.

" A goddess of discord was something he couldn't quite wrap his head around." - You know, there is a joke about discord that I am too lazy to make here.

" The problem was the Parameter List had been released to every device possible in Academy City" And now I am imagining someone's smart fridge getting the mail

"Any word on your fiancé?" "Which one?" - Tbf, Touma isnt engaged to most of them (yet).

""Those the kind of lines you use on your harem girls?"" "Nah, I give out free lap dances." "KNEW IT!" Motoharu yelled. "Aogami owes me 1000 yen!" - What kinds of bets do those idiots do. And with that amount of money... and what did Aogami think Touma does?

"Accelerator snapped. "I'm sick of you two already." - Dont lie, you love them

" The couch Touma had gotten used to over the weeks of hanging out here was in pieces all over the room" - Rip couch, the only thing of value that was in that appartment

""Hello, you have reached the Touma residence." Index's voice came through the phone." - The Touma residence. Inhabitants: 1 Touma; 1000 girls

""I've been carrying this around for situations like this. You can use it."" - Tbh, Accel could probably just memorize everything

" There was a lot, but luckily, Academy City had very expansive storage devices" - Expansive devices for us or for 2004?

"Kuroko nodded and Misaki led her out of the room to hers as to give Touma and Mikoto some privacy. He made sure to lock the door again, to prevent any accidents." ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

"He tightened his arm around Mikoto. "I care about you."" - Aww, he is cute. And an idiot

""Guess I'll have to stay here for the night." Touma laughed." - Careless Whisper starts playing

"A single man was standing on the edge of a rooftop, looking out over the quiet city." - Well, more like a boy, really. A tall, smoking boy

"These are necessary evils that have to be done." - Necessarius, the church of the necessary evil

"The clock struck midnight and Stiyl leaped off the roof." - I wonder if he deliberately waited for midnight just to be extra dramatic.

Also looks like Stiyl is going to try to murder Jason. Nice

So this is it. Decent enough chapter, am waiting for the next one. Tho I expected more hugging for therapist Touma

Until next time
8/27/2020 c41 1Belial Hieronymus
Okay... Damn the Cockblocking Knights and Co.! They just need to interfere lol
8/24/2020 c6 Belial Hieronymus
Oh no... Ruiko.
8/24/2020 c15 Belial Hieronymus
Well... damn. I always want to write or read this but kinda struggle to find an excuse to make it with Touma's right hand and without a bothersome process like SRS.
8/24/2020 c3 Belial Hieronymus
Medousa is quite popular, and if she was not famous enough, manga readers and anime watchers may also know her from Fate series and some other Greek-related or mythology-relevant series.
8/19/2020 c126 Guest
Like the slice of life parts, but I don't really care for your overarching plot.
7/9/2020 c126 14WwEpsilonwW
Ooh! I like the whole Stability plot point. Making it seem like a physical and metaphorical thing at the same time. Nice. At least, thats how I interpreted it.

Physical: His hand is negating the AIM fields that make them have crazy thoughts

Metaphorical: Kamijou Touma presence and personality inspire change.

The girl's grow attracted to him and change their ways. The boy's go down the right path and become better people, attracting more girls in the process.
7/8/2020 c125 WwEpsilonwW
What does it say about me that I can totally imagine Fukiyose drop-kicking Pierce across the room...?
7/8/2020 c122 WwEpsilonwW
Anyone else imagining Eve as Namine from Kingdom Hearts, white dress and all.
7/6/2020 c126 Someoneluck
I like how you didn't drop evidence that Jason is the spy right on their laps, but instead, progressively let them get more and more suspicious as evidence mounts on, whilst keeping the characters that are very trusting the way they are, (Looking at you Touma). I always enjoy a Kamikoto moment, so thank you for that. But I just realized something. It must be SUPER awkward as Jason keeping the facade when in the same room as Motoharu. Mind you Motoharu works for Aleister (while he does work for many organizations, he has to prioritize Aleister most of the time over others as he lives in Academy City), and as Jason still has a use for Aleister, he doesn't want to lose him. And he most definitely knows Jasons the spy. He (Motoharu) works directly for Aleister and is more than smart enough to put pieces together even if Aleister never told him that Jason was the Eves inside man. I'd love after Jason gets discovered, there's a scene where Toumas like: "Oh man, Jason was the spy...I didn't see that coming, who would have known?"
Motoharu: "I did. The day he got into our class."
Touma: "Yeah same, came out of nowhe- wait...what?"
Motoharu: "Yeah it was pretty obvious after England. Before that was guesswork though."
Motoharu: "Never asked, nyah."
Touma: *proceeds to casually knock Motoharus light out*
(Anyways, great chapter, excited for more, take care, and please feed Health Care! We need him alive until the series is over. Jokes aside thank you guys!)
7/4/2020 c108 WwEpsilonwW
Ooh! This chapter reminds me of Subaru's moment with Rem. (Re:zero). When he was putting himself down, saying he hated himself. And then Rem shouted out,

"What would you know about the Subaru that I see!"

You managed to capture that part of my favorite anime
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