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for A Certain Infinite Possibility

6/18 c131 Mr. X
That meme from Fate died a long time ago (to me anyway).
6/18 c131 13D.N.Works
Dang it! Such a good cliffhanger, and we gotta wait as the final moments come. Ughhhh. Now that I know we're nearing the end, I just feel more impatient.

Anyway, nice to see Uiharu is safe alongside Shirai with those neat Kakine clones. They're useful, where thankfully, it seems one might help later on in interfering with Cain and Eve, especially since those two don't know him well.

But even so, it seems Eve's plan is about to go full force. And we don't even know how Othinius will enter the equation alongside Aliester. Let's do this!
6/6 c83 Guest
I find it amusing you only called your story a "novel" at a million words. Assuming the average LN at roughly 60k words (the estimate for ACMI Vol 1) you're sitting at 30 LNs worth of story at your current 1.8M words mark.

Congratulations, you've written more for this fanfiction than many professional LN authors do over their career. That's something to be proud of I think.

Sorry for the double review.
5/7 c130 xaxiel1572
Wait why didnt they explain the part about Jason being the actual traitor.
5/7 c47 Guest
I feel you have downplayed Knight Leader here a bit, seeing how he is a lot stronger than other Saints like Kanzaki, Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel when Carissa had Curtana Original, Jason and Kuroko should have died the moment they challenged him, not to mention in the entire story, Jason hasn't shown any Saint level feats either
4/22 c23 JustSomeDude
Where is Itsuwa?! She is the one from the magic side that has show obvious feelings for Touma and has a LOT of sense she is in here since she did stayed with Touma for a while before the fight with Aqua.
4/20 c130 7JDog2K
Hey dark, if it’s not too much to ask if you ever have time would you read my story Imagine Breaker and his Foxy Caster(Rebirth) I would love to know what one of my favorite authors thinks of my developing story.
4/14 c117 collierfolkesroman
Ah ha. A dragon ball reference.
4/8 c94 collierfolkesroman
“I only recently learned about it and I’m not use to using it a lot. It slips my mind”

I believe what this Kamijou-san means to say is that it slips the author’s mind.
3/31 c62 collierfolkesroman
I just realised this but if this takes place after Misaka’s 15th birthday then that would mean that Touma is a second year now and that Seria would have graduated from a certain high school.
3/29 c130 FlameDenizen
Alright I started reading this about a month ago and now I'm all caught up. Great story. Definitely one of my favorite fanfics. Glad to see it was picked back up again recently as well.
3/19 c5 emnash08
…. This jason still feels out of place, him being a bit of both science and magic and still this strong, does not help. The Sis-con sergeant himself had been nerfed so he can be both esper and magician.

It’s like reading a Gary-stuish character with a cocky air of mystery that he’s trying to sell and tries to emulate Touma’s heroics.

He feels… “too much” to be “part” of the toaru universe. Granted, most OCs start like this, but after their initial introduction some feel more like they really are part of toaru unviverse rather than being an OC… heck some OCs out there made me think they aren’t OCs. I had to google them to find out that they are OCs.

(*sigh) Anyway it’s still early in the fic, hope that this changes. I may have too high a criteria for OC… I admit being blindsided by an OC when it does not notify you in the fic description tag about an OC made me more un-receptive to him.
2/12 c130 JDog2K
I got to say, really ballsy of you if up and eliminated Uiharu like that in the end but I’ve got the sneaking suspicion she survived, maybe. Also that bit with Hamazura to piss Mugino off had me dead.

Speaking of killing characters off, I would like to ask if I can use your OC Julunggul for my story, I loved her character and I already have a few major roles for snuggle-chan both serious and hilarious.

Keep up the good work Dark, huge fan!
2/6 c130 Sigmundr Rumare
I absolutely understand your frustration and disappointment with NT, and now GT I guess. I absolutely enjoy many of Kamachi's work, but it has its flaws.

If it's any encouragement, ACIP is my head cannon for the To Aru Universe, as it's personally, my humble opinion, exceeded the source material in story-telling and character development. Been reading this story since 2015 and am glad to see you continuing it. It's the only fanfiction I've actually gone back and reread through it's entirety.
2/3 c130 Mr. X
1. I wanted Eris to stay alive.

2. Isn't Kazari too harsh on Touma? Time was never on his side, and he's a level 0.
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