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2/3 c130 Kurt930
It finally back
2/2 c128 10xellos540
Oh yeah, forgot to mention something important (aside from forgetting about Agnese, for instance). I do wonder what in NT (or was it GT) caused problems for you. I did hear there's stuff that people don't like all that much... but I thought it was often Kakeru... but you already mentioned him in some author's notes, so I kinda doubt it's him. Just curious.
2/2 c130 xellos540

So glad you're back! Even if it was a less funny and more gloomy chapter this time.

Good one for Shiage. Like always I'm one of the people who think Touma's superior to him and Accelerator, but he's still good and one of the original protagonists, so I'm glad he gets more stuff to do because so far he's been mostly a sidekick of sorts. I mean there was also Nobunaga and the guys' night out, but yeah. Maybe now he'll get more respect from the rest of ITEM... will probably still get a beating... but he saved the day so to speak.

My shipping heart makes me wish there were more Touma-Shizuri and Touma-Frenda hints during the time Shiage tries to shake them from Eris' control (btw. wonder why Saiai was unaffected), but well, beggars can't be choosers.

Then Uiharu (sorry, I'm kinda getting used to "Shizuri", but "Kazari", "Ruiko" and "Rikou" still don't roll off the tongue/keyboard at all) and Kuroko learn about Jason and don't really believe it. Not gonna lie, I thought it was Kuroko who yelled at Touma at first. It's weird. I am usually so agitated at Touma getting bad treatment and not getting credit (yes, it's usually offset by something funny and romantic going on at the same time, but yeah I'm more a fan of respected Touma), but I took Uiharu's outburst to be tolerable. In fact, I think both girls took it better than expected. Scratch that, I think Touma took the outburst better than expected.

As usual, I have no idea where are you going with Kuroko-Jason-Uiharu. Even IF Jason is coming back, then he was not being serious about his girls all along... so even if he comes back it leaves Kukoro and Uiharu in a bad place. And I seriously doubt you'd have will (and remaining in-story time) to push Kuroko onto Touma instead (I'd like that, but I'm not (completely) blind, so I know this is not really happening), so not sure what can happen to them (unless Shiage, but if you're saying there are less than two seasons to the end then it's the time issue as well).

Then some people apparently kill Uiharu. Somehow I press the "doubt" button here, but who knows. I nowhere near hated Uiharu, but she was nowhere near my favorite as well. Speaking of this, relatively few people know all parts of the big picture right? Jason. Stiyl. Eris. The truth about the parameter list. Kaori's state. Julungul's death. Noukan/Aleister's involvement. There's a group of the primary cast who doesn't know any of that. There's barely anyone who knows all of that. Actually, I think Touma mentioned Leivinia to Kuroko and Uiharu here... but did they even know someone like that existed up to that point (I know Leivinia was mentioned, but I don't think it was to Uiharu and Kuroko)?

Not to say you're doing a bad job. I have my wishes and visions, but this is your fic and you're doing a great job. I think I've made that point in my other review (or at least planned to). I also feel bad that I left, like what, 2 reviews in a 130 chapter story with nearly 2 million words? Especially since I love Toaru and this fic and I usually write long detailed reviews (except this one, because I really don't have time today and it's not a good day for me and I'll definitely keep this review under 100 words as you can clearly see).

So, once again, you're doing a great job, and glad you're back.

Still, not gonna lie, I know around 2 seasons can be a lot, but it honestly kinda scares me that we're approaching the ending.

There's so much stuff to wrap up. Stiyl killing Jason and being in chains. Kaori being a statue. Hyouka and Imaginary Number District. Othinus. Jason and all the groups connected to him (his girlfriends, Touma's group, Eve, Noukan/Ricane/Dark Matter/Aleister, Emiko/shadow). Jason/Eve's spell/god/plan thing. Accelerator's harem. And all of Touma's girls. I mean I know I'm repeating myself, but there's so much to address here. Aisa. Mitsuko. Hanabi. Frenda. Kyoka. Leivinia. Saten is kinda in a harem, but it kinda happened without being explicitly shown that everyone agreed (or I missed that perhaps?). Then there's Lessar. I know how she is and I know we have riots and Eris right now, but I cannot fathom how she's not in the harem yet (unless Touma and his 3 girls don't agree to let her in, I can't say I'd exactly be surprised, even though I think Lessar would be less aggressive if she was guaranteed a spot). Then there are the more interesting cases of Carissa, Shizuri, Ayu and Seria and I'm still probably forgetting someone.

From what I understand you have it generally (or completely) planned out, so I guess I can only wait for when you deliver since the story has long since proved that you do deliver.

Best of luck and take care, great author.

2/2 c130 1Aminadab Brulle
O Captain, my Captain... welcome back aboard.

This chapter is a mish-mash of emotions. Shiage parts were pretty funny, and fitting the logic of his character very much. Also, you've managed to land this chapter right after Kiyotaka published two Toaru bunny girl artworks, so kudos. Meanwhile, the big bad heartbreaking reveal went... honestly, a little bit better than expected. Or at least for Kuroko. Kazari is in... not the happiest spot in the world, although obvious cliffhanger is obvious.

...And now that I've said that, chances of this not ending not being a temporary drama device and instead actually informing us of another major character death rose...
2/2 c130 vietnamese guy
Sign, for some reason I do feel your lack of satisfaction leaking through this chapter. I hope that you will regained your interest with To aru one day. Kind of odd though, since I still like to aru with all the problems it have lately. Well, I hope you can wrap up this fics nicely to focus on your other fics of your.
2/1 c130 7MrQuestionMark
I sort of knew you were OK after you were focusing on Shattered Vale and Choices, but it's good to see you back. I hope that everything is OK what with the gap in between the chapters.

Part of me feels like the reduced satisfaction of the series sort of leaked through into this chapter, but maybe that's just because I was reading it with that frame of mind given your beginning comments. I get where you're coming from though - a lot of things get stale over time - so thanks for continuing the story all the same despite the dislike you've developed for the direction the series has gone.

But reflecting on the chapter, are you going to join the church of Uiharu suffering as well? I'm glad to have another member, LOL. Looking at what you gave us though was pretty solid so I hope you feel as though the ultimate end of this story is one you can look back on with pride.

Wishing you well and the best as you tackle other projects that have grabbed your interest more.

Mr ?
2/1 c130 KHVSFF
Ah shit, here we go again. Good to see you Dark. Glad to see the story still has life and has an end goal in sight. Although I caught up to this multiple year project story. It sucks that it will end but seems we’ve got time to enjoy.

Liking how Mugino really has become affected by Kamijou and practically everyone else in the story by some means. What a cliffhanger. Stay well dark.
2/1 c130 13D.N.Works
Well, it seems Hamazura proves his worth once again. But things got sad with Kuroko and Uiharu. Especially since Uiharu is alone, and bullets shot on her. What a cliffhanger!
1/21 c13 declanbeech97
I worked out he was in a dream in the first few sentences by the fact that, one kamjou woke. up in a bed in his room which in reality is index's (he sleeps in the bath tub), two you jumped from the beginning of the fight to post fight which doesn't suit your writing style so there had to be truck at play, thirdly Kuroko wasn't trying to kill kamjou and was relaxed enough to sleep with him nude so it has to be some sort of fake reality, fourthly both misaka's were sleeping with him, og misaka would never do this at their current level of their relationship, also i doubt she would like Kuroko meet clone misaka as she is trying to keep the sisters project secret from her.

yeah lots of hints early in the chapter still really good though
1/20 c129 Jaya2002
i really need a list of who is into whome anyone pls reply
1/13 c129 INFINITYKAPP97
Listo ya estoy al día
Justo después de que terminara la pausa jaja
Lo había retrasado bastante pero me alegro de alfin habérmelo leído me encanta y disfrute cada capítulo
Jaja solo hablo español así que en ese idioma serán mis comentarios
12/26/2021 c129 DanganMachin
I really hope you will write the next chapter soon. This would give me an excuse to reread the whole fic lol.
12/10/2021 c78 Guest
"Christian God created the world"

The other religions excluding Christianity and Judaism: Are we a joke to you?
11/21/2021 c129 elementalgaming30
this fanfic is really good
10/29/2021 c56 2TheDarkPublisher
Is Eve even aware that when Lucifer returns he’ll wipe out humanity because he hates humans (the people she’s trying to help) or did Lucifer trick Adam and Eve and will dispose of her when he comes back?
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